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Christina Pickles as Evangeline Walker
Kerris Dorsey as Flower Girl
Marion Ross as Spiller's Girlfriend
Marla Sokoloff as Marjorie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Xjayhawker 7 / 10 / 10

Best friends should want what's best for you.

I never bad-mouth any one's work, although I do sometimes offer constructive criticism.. In the case of a film that's already been finished, it's too late..I figure there are a few movies that I know their central story-line and am not interested so I don't watch. Others like Flower Girl I find have some redeeming things going for them. This one has a case of mis- casting..Marion Ross as an over-bearing,meddling grandmother who thinks she knows who may be better suited for her marriage-age grand-daughter more than the young Laurel (Marla Sokoloff) is a lot to put up with..someone playing it more subtle would have played better. Terry Maratos playing Dr. Evan Cooper is quite unbelievable as the doctor..not even after the first date he has already told his mother about this girl he can't forget. There is no chemistry whatsoever between them. Other reviewers have said the pacing is awkward..TRUE..some of the character's names came right out of central casting..check out the credits ..Evan Cooper..Stephen Banks..but back to the story..a lot of stories have a romantic mis-understanding..we have it here in spades..but hopefully it will all work out in the end..the things it does have going for it are the two leads playing Laurel and Stephen..that's it..they are good together ..mis-understandings aside..there is a good natural chemistry..he doesn't feel as though he's acting..he's pretty good and Marla/Laurel complements him..not a bad film..just annoying in those two areas..Marion Ross and the hard to take Dr. Cooper as a love interest..when their scenes are on you can always head to the fridge..7 out of 10..

Reviewed by mamahen18 9 / 10 / 10

Had potential...but my goodness, THAT Grandmother!!

I don't really think I'm including any spoilers, but I wasn't sure how someone might interpret this so I'm just putting the warning out there just in case. I thought I would really enjoy this movie. I turned it on knowing that it was going to be one of those predictable easy to watch movies. Just what I needed on a Saturday night. And there were parts that I enjoyed. I agree with the previous writer that sometimes the pacing of the story was unrealistic, but as we all know movies aren't always realistic. Especially movies advertised on the Hallmark Channel to run during the weeks leading to Valentine's Day. We watch these movies knowing what we're getting ourselves into when we sit down and turn the TV on. And in most ways, this movie fits that bill. But I just have one major complaint. The grandmother and the best friend are so negative to the possibility of the main character being in love with one of the men that it really brings the movie down. The friend just has a bad attitude and clearly has a problem being happy and encouraging for her best friend, and I do realize the part was probably written this way and she is acting it as it was intended. And if the friends attitude was the only one in this movie it probably wouldn't be that bad. You always have to have an antagonist. But the Grandmother is so nagging and meddling that its not endearing and she's not really viewed as a woman with good intentions. She's just plain annoying. This movie would have been so much better either without a grandmother/parent character in it...or the grandmother's part should have been written as one of those old, wise grandmothers who encourages her granddaughter to follow her heart and find the man of her dreams. I realize that this movie was intended to be this way and the grandmother character is exactly what the writer intended, but you (the author) took it too far. She is so annoying that I actually cringed every time she entered a scene. I've only written one review before and I generally only would write to support a show that I want to continue into a second season. But I had to come on here and warn any other potential movie-watchers to what you may be getting into. So anyway, watch this movie knowing what you're getting into. It's predictable and likable, but prepare yourself for the annoyance of the sabotaging grandmother. If you can get past her, you'll probably enjoy yourself.

Reviewed by Harbinger_3781 9 / 10 / 10

Plenty of hard spots to find in this movie

Just want to vent some of my stacked-up thoughts about one aspect of this kind of movie. So glad there's another review on the "best" page that's got the exact same direct thoughts I did! Man, that grandma was SO friggin' annoying. This movie would have been yet another 10/10 perfect movie for Master Marla Sokoloff had it not been for that meddling and nagging grandma! Years ago, during college, there was a reading class, and the article was a story about a poor boy and a rich girl in love, then the relationship ended in tragedy after her parents intervened. When the teacher asked us what did we learn from the article I immediately jumped out, "Parents are jerks." True, parents do want what's best for their children, but sometimes they intervene way too much, they presume to know everything, and even stepping into off-limit zones unauthorized. My temper just flares every time Laurel's grandma says that Laurel's "not gonna be happy with Steven", that he'd "undermine her plan", and she "had to protect her, and couldn't let her get hurt", or sh*t like that. Don't these parents ever get the irony? That's exactly what causes those tragedies, what hurts them, and loses those who are closest to them! Parents want to set their children up with people THEY deemed suitable and do everything in their power to ruin their children's relationship with their own true love... what is this, inland China? Didn't Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi tragedy, or more popular - Romeo and Juliet tragedy - manages to tell those intervening parents to f*ck off? Wonder when the hell children are gonna tell their parents, once and for all, "Basta! Enough is enough! Stay off my personal life; it's off-limits!" I personally detest parents who presume to think that forcing their children with the ones THEY deem suitable a good idea. This isn't ancient China no more, and liberty to love is what keeps the essence of Humanity going, and if all marriages are done via arrangements, then I'm guessing Humanity would extinct emotionless and cold. Although, on the other side, Stephen's partner, Elsa, was indeed helpful. She seems always supportive of Stephen's relationship with Laurel, and the first time this confirmed was when Stephen told Elsa about Laurel, she spotted the fact Laurel's grandmother intervened and replied(paraphrased), "nothing is as important as love." That is true friendship right there. Then when she figures out the yellow tulips Laurel brought, first question she confronted Stephen with was, "Why didn't you tell her about me?" As in, "Why didn't you tell her that YOU were the one writing the books and I'm only a public face?" A friend that puts her partner's wellfare first and not being overwhelmed by public fame - that is rare greatness. Clearly fate rewarded her with her next personal book a success. Gonna end this review on a funny note: There's a guy at the Bridezilla wedding that just suddenly went "Pffv" laughing, that was really fun. Wonder if that was in the script, or someone on the filming set actually cracked...

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