Flying Cars


Adventure / Drama

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Jared Kusnitz as Chris
Mackenzie Lintz as Rachel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shadow2442 10 / 10 / 10

Seriously a fun movie for rc car lovers

This movie got it all. RC fun, obsession, love, remorse, making the wrong decisions and making the right decisions. Flying Cars is about RC cars, it's obsession and of course how the obsession can set you back financially and emotionally... wanting to live the dream of staying a kid, but then realizing it will mess your life up when it's becoming an obsession. being there myself some years ago, I still love rc cars and I love this movie. I wish the rc stuff would have been done a little more serious, making him more like an aspiring racer, not just do a jump competition. but besides some minor details, this movie was really fun and took me right back. performances were heartful and really surprisingly well. i love the main characters and that there is a little love story in there, to keep the movie enjoyable also by non-rc-fans. was waiting to see this movie and was not disappointed.... this movie does not win awards in directing, special effects or acting, but it's about the love of rc of my favourite movies of the year.

Reviewed by BBogus 10 / 10 / 10

Enjoyed watching

Script could be better, certain dialogue a bit off, preferably a little more background story about 2 protagonists etc.... Nonetheless, acting of the 2 main actors is pretty good and all in all I did really enjoy watching it and in the end that's what counts. And I learnt a bit about RC car racing.

Reviewed by smfly-41248 10 / 10 / 10

This is how films use to be

I really enjoyed this film it was easy to watch with a good mix of everything and just captured the spirit of why people race rc cars. This is my new Rad if you get it you get it. A great watch

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