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Anthony Head as Colin's Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by renata1901 10 / 10 / 10

I'm fascinated

Before watching a movie I always look out for the reviews and watch the trailer and see the comments. The trailer seemed like an okay movie and the reviews aren't really that good but I decided to give it a try because I felt like it could turn out as a good movie. Jamie Dornan was really good at his acting and I really enjoyed Charlotte De Bruyne's acting also. This movie had me really into it since the beginning and I just found it fascinating cause it also got me sentimental at some point and there a few movies that really give you that feeling. I give it a 10 and people should give it a try and see it, I totally recommend it.

Reviewed by Portrait-of-a-Statue 10 / 10 / 10

A Charmer

Flying Home (also known as Racing Hearts) is a charming love story that wins your heart. It's shy. It doesn't scream at you with special effects or violence or profanity or prurient sex scenes. It takes place in an area of Belgium most Americans don't know a lot about and in the world of pigeon racing. Flanders and doves. It's safe to say you haven't been inundated with movies about Flanders and doves. Give Flying Home a chance. Colin (Jamie Dornan) is a hedge-fund hot-shot who sets out to buy a bird worth 300,000 euros on behalf of an Arab dove fancier. He finds himself in a small village in Flanders among a group of dove racing aficionados and is drawn into their world with the help of a local college student and a search for the grave of his British great-grandfather. His great-grandfather, like half a million young British soldiers, died in Flanders in World War 1. Dornan does some subtle acting here. Colin pretends to be a high school teacher so as to hide his motive for being in Flanders. His character is acting and Dornan layers his performance. A lot of it is in his eyes. Colin's authenticity does surface, especially when he's with college student Isabel. The scene where Colin and Isabel are dancing is a beautiful study of a man who is struggling with conflicting feelings. It's tricky and I have to say Dornan nails it. If you are looking for an over-actor, Dornan is not your man. He's excellent at slowly revealing the facets of Colin. Isabel is played by Flemish actress Charlotte De Bruyne. Isabel is open and direct. It's clear she likes Colin but she is not aggressive at all. She's lovely and De Bruyne is winsome in the role. It's easy to see why Colin would be drawn to Isabel, especially when you compare her to the NYC women he knows. The Flemish actors who play the village characters are all skilled and their Flemish accented English adds a lot to the atmosphere developed by the movie. The characters are not twee at all. They are individuals and for that you can thank the writer/director Dominique Deruddere. He knows how to write characters and he knows how to tell a story. Keep in mind the plot sometimes hinges on unseen action. Because of this and because the world and language (there are a few subtitled passages) of Flying Home are not so familiar to us, you have to give Flying Home your full attention. Do it. You'll be rewarded with a little gem of a movie.

Reviewed by priscillacollard 10 / 10 / 10

Dornan Does it Again!!!

With the release of Jamie Dornan's newest film i decided to do a Jamie Dornan week and go through all his body of work. From watching him as Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey" to watching him play serial Killer Paul Spector in "The Fall" Jamie Dornan can pack a punch. So when i came across this film i decided it was defiantly on the top of the list of movies staring Jamie Dornan i wanted to see and I'm glad i did. This movie was fantastic! Dornan and Charlotte De Bruyne had a chemistry that came out in their filming with one another. I wouldn't go out and say this is a romance movie since this movie focused on the connection of a man and his love for birds and Colin's(Dornan) struggle to understand the bond between owner and bird and Isabelle(De Bruyne) helps him see the man underneath the suit and helps him find the connection between not only the love of family but the love of all things. This movie is a must see for the soft hearted and yes the romantics in the world. Dornan and De Bruyne have it in this touching film. But this could just be me, I'm an Indie film lover at heart and this was my kind of movie.

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