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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by akohfeld 1 / 10 / 10

Worst acting EVER

I wish I could give this movie 1/2 a star, it was just awful. I couldn't even watch the whole thing, I had to keep skipping through it. The lighter haired guy was the WORST "actor", no one expect to see him in anything ever again and trust me we are dodging a bullet there. Though technically they were all bad, he kept smiling and smirking all the time until I wanted to throw something at my TV! If not for the acting I might not have hated it as much because, while the story was cheesy if the acting had been good I might have been able to forgive the ill written script. I am a sucker for horror movies, even the badly written ones so this one was really bad if I didn't even finish it. I'll sit through almost anything if the movie shows promise somewhere...not this time. No wonder I never heard about this movie anywhere.

Reviewed by Calvin Price ([email†protected]) 8 / 10 / 10

10 minutes into it

I didn't have time to assess the acting, or the plot, or the structure of this collection of moving pictures. I got 10 minutes into it and decided it was simply bad for my eyes. In post production editing, it looked like they sped it up about 10% to give it some sort of grainy edgy realistic look...when all it did was make it completely un-watchable. And a tip for the director, don't let your actors improvise...they'll almost always try and wipe their ass with their own socks.

Reviewed by (theviperqueen) 8 / 10 / 10

Low budget,but good.

While many seem to have not liked this movie,for whatever reasons,I thought it was pretty damn good,for a lower budget film. It has kind of a modern,yet classic slasher film,feel to it. Don't know how else to describe it. Good music throughout too,if you like rock. I guess it's not 'tons of gore&tits in your face' enough for some. The knife kills were more implied,than seen. I like a little more to knife kill scenes myself,but still,these were'nt done too badly. Also,it's not too heavy on the 'sappy bonding moment',thing,that too many movies do with couples. Good acting,for the most part. Was'nt too fond of 'the sock part' LOL,but whatever,still a good,low-budget movie,that deserves a chance,IMHO. A fun movie.

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