Fools Rush In


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Chris Bauer as Jacko
Jon Tenney as Harvey Collier
Matthew Perry as Ron Clark
Salma Hayek as Donna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ChrisDickerson 10 / 10 / 10

An under-appreciated movie

This is one of those movies that I can't help but love. It certainly isn't the best movie ever, but Perry and Hayek both turn in wonderful performances. You can't help but like both of them. You care for the characters. And that is something that is becoming more and more rare in today's movies. The supporting cast does a great job as well, especially Perry's real father and Jill Clayburgh as his parents. It probably is the first time Hayek shows that she is a star and can carry a movie (or at least half of it) on her back. Perry brings a great sense of comedy to the movie. Some of his scenes and lines are laugh-out-loud funny. On top of that, the story is just quirky enough (based on a real-life romance) that the entire situation makes you chuckle.

Reviewed by gmt-4 9 / 10 / 10

A romantic 90 mins getaway

If you are a woman who loves fantasy and romance novels/films, this might be a good 90 mins getaway for you. The beginning seems unreal and foolish (something like Britney Spears marrying her childhood sweetheart in Vegas only to annul it the next day). Basically, its boy meets girl in restaurant, both had a one night stand, girl disappeared next morning, only to come back to boy 3 months later to tell him that she is pregnant with his child. Girl brings boy back to meet her family, boy decided to marry her in Vegas with Elvis Presley as witness. I don't know if anyone would really do something like that in the real world, without making sure that the girl is really pregnant with your kid and not someone else's, or worse - marrying a total stranger. Story goes on with boy not telling his wife that he is from New York and will be moving back there when his construction project ends, and also lied to her about his parents being in Europe and therefore couldn't tell his folks that they got married. So the wife got upset and mad, pretended to have a miscarriage and left him to go back to Mexico. But the ending was really sweet and you'll wish your husband can be as sweet as Matthew Perry (who discovered he had married his wife not because she was pregnant but because he loved her, and had to navigate his way to central Mexico/Vegas/Hoover Dam to win his wife back).

Reviewed by dc-43 9 / 10 / 10

A Nice Romantic Comedy even for Guys

This was a fun movie to watch. It is about an American who falls for a Mexican girl. After they are married a lot of humorous situations arise due to their cultural differences. I am a Canadian married to a Portuguese lady so a number of these differences I have experienced first hand. For example, when you meet the "family" it is not just three or four people it is half the town. Also when you sit in the sun all day, some people tend to melt (I do) and others do not. In the movie, I also found her father's line "Presbyterian is not a religion" a nice summary of why the parents didn't think the marriage could work. The movie has nice scenery of the grand canyon, the hoover dam, the desert and the great grandmother's Mexican "casa". The surround sound is very enjoyable. It includes a great many songs all of which blend in nicely with the movie. The Elvis songs near the end of the movie are quite touching. Finally the two leads are sensational. Matthew Perry's body language is superb for the kind of light comedy role he plays. He also did the emotional stuff really well. Although not quite certain about his feelings, his heart pulled him head-first into marriage. Salma is very cute and her tan does her wonders. She also is a good actress and adds a lot to the humor. I've seen this movie six times in the last year. It is a nice relaxing watch.

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