Forest Warrior


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Barbara Niven as Suzanne Debson
Chuck Norris as John David 'J.D.' Dawes
Loretta Swit as Mildred - Red Meyers' Wife
William Sanderson as Rat Kinneson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

Chuck Norris as a spiritual being who faces off lumberjacks chopping trees down in his forest

This is a children fantasy about a magical mountain , a mysterious legend and a story of courage against all odds ; including an ecological message , being realized by Norris brothers , Chuck and Aaron . It deals with children fight to save the local forests of Tanglewood Mountain helped by a spiritual being named John McKenna (Chuck Norris) who was possessed a century before (1875) by a mountain spirit and who is able to transform into bear, wolf or eagle . A greedy developer (Terry Kiser) , owner of 'Thorne Lumber' enterprise attempts to chop trees for his profit , as the little boys with the help of the ghostly man who was murdered in the same woods long time ago , along with the sheriff (Max Gail) and a drunk father (Michael Beck) struggle the nasty lumbermen . The film is a blending between ¨Beastmaster¨ along with a group of children in ¨Goonies¨ style and antics , kick-asses , frolics against villains like ¨Home alone¨ . Mild and light adventure with ecology issue , it's full of fighting , humor , action and silly scenes and results to be an average flick . The picture packs action , explosions and several slight fights in Terence Hill/Bud Spencer style . Good support cast crammed by familiar faces as Roscoe Lee Browne , Max Gail , Loreta Swift , William Sanderson , Barbara Niven , George Buck Flower , John Dennis Johnson , among others . Colorful cinematography by Joao Fernades , usual of Chuck Norris films ; being filmed on location in Hood River, Lost Lake, Mount Hood, and Parkdale, Oregon, USA . Functional musical score and including some beautiful songs . The motion picture was regularly directed by Aaron Norris who has usually produced , playing stunts and directed various vehicles for his brother Chuck , such as ¨Missing in action 3¨, ¨Delta Force 2¨ , ¨Hitman¨ , ¨Hellbound¨, some episodes of ¨Walker Texas Ranger¨and three children films such as ¨Sidekicks¨ , ¨Top dog¨ and this ¨Forest warrior¨. The only film done by Aaron Norris to not have Chuck Norris in it was ¨Platoon leader¨. Rating : Average but entertaining . The picture will appeal to Chuck Norris fans .

Reviewed by Harry Lags 10 / 10 / 10

Chuck Norris takes his brand of action-packed excitement to powerful new heights in this riveting wilderness adventure.

"Forest Warrior" features the charismatic Chuck Norris as McKenna, a forest spirit who incorporates the powers of an eagle, wolf, and bear. When an unscrupulous businessman, Travis Thorne. (Terry Kiser.), attempts to cut down many of the trees in the forest of Tangle wood Mountain, a group of teens plot to stop him. They need help from the Forest Warrior and help they get! Not only can McKenna fight, he is a Shape Shifter and can take on whatever form he needs. Personally i really like this film and It goes without saying that for me, Forest Warrior is a goddamn great movie. Anything that features Chuck Norris kicking ass is worth watching, but if you add in the ability that he can shape shift into various animals too, well then that's even better.If you think that I wouldn't watch this film every single day for the rest of my life, you just don't know me. Forest Warrior plays out like a brilliant cross between Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Walker, Texas Ranger, and some animal morphing stuff that you didn't know you needed. It's friendly enough for children, bad ass enough for adults, and weird enough for people in search of originality. "Forest Warrior" delivers wondrous scenes of nature, an energetic group of teens, and exciting action sequences from Norris. Give this movie a try if you have never seen it and if you have, show the master some respect and watch Forest Warrior once again...

Reviewed by samanthascribner98 10 / 10 / 10

Spirit protecting the forest.

When I was growing up, my family and I would rent movies from the local store. Every time they would ask me what I would want to watch it was always this movie. I grew up as a fan of Chuck Norris. This is one of my all time favorite movies. The message in this movie has always been protect the environment. The fighting and explosion of the tree house is always one of the top dramatic moments in this movie. Chuck Norris, does an awesome job as the spirit of the forest. I love how the Tree House is the main part of the story and how 'the lords of tanglewood' have many generations before them that played in that same tree house. Oh and Loretta Swit as the mom of two of the boys is always surprising!

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