Fortress 2


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Beth Toussaint as Karen Brennick
Christopher Lambert as Samuel Hamon
Pam Grier as Aretha
Willie Garson as Joel Goldman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bazthegreat 6 / 10 / 10

Not as good as the original...

I had no idea that a sequel was even being made to the 1993 movie until a few days ago. I arrived at the cinema complex where I work and was totally shocked to discover that a Fortress 2 had been released! The film was officially released in Australia on 2. March, 2000, but I'm afraid it hasn't been too popular... We're only screening it in one small cinema and, so far, we've probably had about 200 patrons in four days (and that's being generous). Considering the fact that our largest cinema seats 500 for one session, this is not good popularity odds. It was released suddenly, without advertisements or even posters. You could tell from the start that this was going to be an unfortunate, B-grade sequel to the enjoyable, well planned original. Still, I thought I'd give it a go. I loved the first film and Christopher Lambert had returned to reprise his role, so I thought why not? Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed. The script was very lame, with characters suddenly having the "convenient" skills to make an escape possible at just the right time. Not much planning went into set design. There were very little of the fancy, modern gadgets of the first movie, and you can tell they were cutting costs. Much of the film was computer generated to cover the missing pieces. As for the plot - it was far too unbelievable and, dare I say it, actually quite boring. This time, the prison is in outer space (!), and instead of those little metal tracking devices used in the first Fortress, prisoners are given a "behaviour modifier" than is implanted in their brain. These ones definitely can't be removed. It is a rehash of the first. Christopher makes some friends inside, and then they help him to escape. None of the characters other than Chris are very likeable, and I found myself not really caring if they survived or not. Chris seemed to just cruise through the film without much effort - what more could he do?

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Follow-up in similar style , full of action , violence and technological elements

This is a Prison movie with high-tech science fiction , following to ¨The fortress¨ directed by Stuart Gordon in which Lambert is imprisoned because another son was born and in the future it's prohibited . In a futuristic USA , it's forbidden to give birth to more than one child for each woman and then things go wrong . The motion picture is supposed to take place 7 years after the former , as John (Christopher Lambert) is a rebel whom the resistance asking for help , but he escapes to avoid the authorities in USA , which is exactly what he and his wife Karen Brennick (Beth Toussiant replacing Loryn Locklyn) were trying to do when with her second son (their first child was born dead) escape . When they think they have made it , he is discovered and put to prison . With those odds , John still plans to getaway . Prison's chief (Patrick Malahide , replacing Kurtwood Smith) , located in a space station , is a villain who punishes to inmates with tortures and using cruel technological security measures . This is a modern and more sophisticated prison called the "Fortress" where the prisoners are controlled by lasers , neutron-cannons , cameras , mind-scanners and electronic pain-causing devices in their stomachs . John/Christopher Lambert along with other prisoners (Liz May Brice , Nick Brimble , John Sharian) will face off the prison director (Patrick Malahide) and his wardens (Okumoto). The picture blends thrills , suspense , violence , drama, action ,struggles and some nudism . It is set 7 years after the original when rebels are captured and sent to a new fortress prison , in outer space , there takes place an exciting final confrontation between the starring and baddies , it is very stimulating and gets some exciting surprises . Special appearance of the Blaxploitiation goddess , Pan Grier . Runtime film is adequate , it is fast moving and is neither boring , nor tiring , but bemusing . Atmospheric cinematography and adequate score fitting to action by Christopher Franke . The motion picture obtained little success and failed at Box office . This second part bears a similar plot to previous entry , but isn't as nice as the first . The picture was regularly directed by Geoff Murphy who also realized the second installment to ¨Young guns¨ with more success than this one . The film will appeal to Science fiction buffs and Christopher Lambert fans . Rating : 5/10 , average .

Reviewed by michael_cowling 6 / 10 / 10

Not a bad action flick, but nothing like the first film.

The moment my girlfriend and I finished watching this film, we said together, almost in unison "Not as good as the first one".. The first Fortress film was original.. The whole movie centered around Chris Lambert's character trying his best to escape from the prison complex. Added to that was the twist of his wife and unborn child becoming a conquest for the main villain to master. In the first film, the other characters were interesting, each with his own personality and reason to be on Chris Lambert's "Team". In contrast, Fortress 2 seems to plod along. The character seems to muck around within the prison for a long while before we see any movement towards escape. When he finally does escape (and if you consider knowing that he DOES escape is a spoiler, then you are naive, since it is obvious that the end product of the movie will be the character escaping) it all seems so easy and not really that difficult to do at all (unlike the first film, where a lot of movie time was spent planning the escape). He pulls of amazing computer-related feats as well as succeeding in kicking as many butts as possible, all within about 20 minutes. The other characters in this film are kind of cardboard and one-dimensional. You never get to know the support characters in the film the way you did in the first one and therefore you don't really care whether they live or die. At one point in the film, a character removes his face mask and Chris Lambert's character recognises him. However, both my girlfriend and I were not quite so quick, and spend about 5 minutes trying to work out who the character was and why Chris Lambert's character felt so betrayed by him. This definetly demonstrates that the characters are not very memorable. I am not sure whether this is due to the fact that Chris Lambert wanted a bigger role in this film or whether it is due to bad script writing, but it is there never the less. However, having said all of that, the film isn't a total loss. If you put your brain on hold for a couple of hours and just enjoy the action and suspense of it all (without trying to compare it to the first film), then you will probably come away thinking that it was an average bit of action film making with a very strong lead character (Chris Lambert).

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