Foster Boy



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Amy Brenneman as Kim Trainer
Jordan Belfi as Jeff
Julie Benz as Cassie
Matthew Modine as Lucas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Intermissionman_ 8 / 10 / 10

Thug and Three Piece

This Film really picks up steam as the Story of Corruption and Greed unfolds. Excellent work by Matthew Modine as Michael Trainer a High Powered Corporate Attorney forced to take a Pro Bono Case by Judge Taylor (Louis Gossett Jr) equally excellent ! Jamal Randolph (Shane Paul McGhie) the young man suing the Foster Care Corporation is Stubborn as Heck and initially he and Trainer don't see eye to eye, but as their relationship grows and the Investigation of the Facts reveals the shocking Truths, they become a team. The Courtroom scenes are Cat and Mouse and Big Part of the Movie, as the Corporate Lawyers are fairly convincing as well. The Soundtrack is Outstanding, be sure and watch credits til end. Shout out to SHAQ for Producing Film and Helping the Foster Care System. Thug and Three Piece Rap

Reviewed by cageyk-46578 10 / 10 / 10


I believe she meant to say "you could have heard a pin drop." There is no such expression as "you could Not hear a pin drop"

Reviewed by cindypittman-82412 10 / 10 / 10

More than a social awareness movie

I came to this film expecting to be touched and moved by the spotlight on deficiencies in the foster care system and "Foster Boy" delivered. I did not expect to be totally absorbed in the legal thriller surrounding the social issue.I saw this film in a packed theater and at times, you could not hear a pin drop. The next scene, the audience would be clapping and cheering. Newcomer Shane Paul McGhie is brilliant in the title role, and I hope to see much more of him in a long career."Foster Boy" is a film that is satisfying on many levels.

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