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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by angetoddoz 9 / 10 / 10

Aussies fighting for a fair go

The movie Frackman captures the quintessential Australian value of a fair go, and what some people are willing to do when something is not fair. Dayne Pratsky, the man who shared 4 years of his life through this documentary, shows himself to be strong, brave, courageous, determined, angry, vulnerable, funny and a bit of larrikin. Many of the qualities we admire among Aussie men. His compassion for his neighbours is obvious. While the movie is a documentary, it presents a very human and heart-felt story. It's hard not to feel for the 'little people' trying to fight against the big coal seam gas companies. The cinematography shows the natural beauty that is the Australian bush, and the ugliness that results from mining activities (despite the much touted economic gains). The music throughout the documentary mirrors the highs and lows of the story. This documentary is about fighting the good fight … but also the personal toll it can take. I laughed and I cried. And I learnt a lot about what is happening in parts of Australia far from me. I think this is a great documentary, and a credit to all the team behind it. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by jimmccool 7 / 10 / 10

Thoroughly entertaining - as well as thought provoking

We watched Frackman at a screening in Sydney last night and were sufficiently motivated to go home and switch our power company to one that isn't involved in Coal Seam Gas in Australia. It just seemed the right thing to do. The film itself is not just another whining documentary. And it doesn't take itself so seriously as 'Gasland' for example. The style is quite different, although the subject is the same - how small land-holders are threatened by the extreme mining techniques of CSG extraction, and how it risks Australia's people, water table and land. It is often very funny; although this is a very serious subject and at times Frackman himself is moved to tears. The photography is excellent and the story itself rolls along at a cracking pace... At the end, the crowd in the cinema gave it a very well deserved round of applause. Absolutely recommended.

Reviewed by discoveredcheck 7 / 10 / 10

An eye opener

I came to the Newcastle premiere of Frackman as a bit of a novice on environmental issues and came away both educated and impressed. From the opening topographic shots of farming fields accompanied by cool 60's music I knew I would probably enjoy this grassroots story. The main character, Dwayne is not your stereotypical dread locked activist, but an average Aussie bloke caught in a battle with big business, similar in a way to the fictional battle represented in "The Castle". the difference being that this a compelling real issue that affects more than one person or one postcode. I would recommend this movie for anyone interested in environmental issues, and anyone wanting to be educated on the effects of coal seam gas mining

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