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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gojiseb 8 / 10 / 10

A modern Frankenstein that never forgets its roots.

Bernard Rose has successfully translated Mary Shelley's original novel by turning it into a Cronenbergian body horror tragedy. The performances are stellar with Xavier Samuel making a heartbreaking Monster and Tony Todd stealing the show as a blind musician. The direction is superb and horror fans will be pleased by the gruesome practical effects. If there are any weak points here, it would be the extremely brisk pacing and a few odd editing decision. The ending is also frustratingly abrupt. Beyond that, it is nothing less than a triumph of genre filmmaking and the sort of thing I wish to see more of from the horror world.

Reviewed by redrobin62-321-207311 7 / 10 / 10

Such Promise...

I had high hopes for this film, not because I'm a horror movie and goth-loving freak, but also because it was a fresh take on an old idea. The film started off well enough. Victor Frankenstein was really a marginal role here; his wife was pretty much the focus as well as the monster himself. Most of the elements from classic Frankenstein were there, and that was nice to see. The acting was generally good, too, especially the monster. I think the filmmakers did well with transitioning the monster from a baby to a man. But that's where the script fell apart. I know one thing for sure - if I was hustling on the street constantly, playing my guitar and begging for money, I don't think I'd give my hard earned cash away so some guy I just met can get laid for the first time. And you know, there are people today who are thoroughly perplexed by the GPS systems on their cellphones. How the monster was able to navigate with it after just being recently created is a mystery to me. The monster also sure knew how to say the right things at the right emotional time. I think that if I was a cop I'd protest this movie. Yes, the police do go over and above their call of duty at times (see Black Lives Matter), but are they really this unfeeling and barbaric? What I did like about the movie was the blood. Yeah, this one was violent as hell. The makeup was well done, too. If there's anything that stood out for me was the monster and the level of violence in the film. Just for those two things alone it's worth giving 'Frankenstein' a looksee.

Reviewed by pbjsammich 7 / 10 / 10

I am I

This is a very interesting take on the Frankenstein tale. We get to see the Monster basically take his first breath and become born into this world. He slowly becomes accustomed to being alive when suddenly he's betrayed by his creator and thus sets about on a rampage. This film illustrates it fairly well and I feel like the character of Adam/Monster is fairly sympathetic. He lacks a vocabulary like in the novel and in the 1994 adaptation, but it's far more realistic for the vocalization capacity of a newly formed creature. Bernard Rose does a fairly good job directing and the pastoral dream sequences are nice in particular. It has a nice pace and good use of practical special effects. The Monster's transformation was thoroughly engaging and I feel if anyone is a fan of the horror genre that they should at least do themselves a favor and see this interpretation.

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