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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 7 / 10 / 10

Really great creature design makes this one memorable

This was a movie that could have gone either way. The idea of it could have easily been executed a little tediously with a CGI created zombie army going around causing perturbation and despair. However, the good news is that Frankenstein's Army has been made by a team with a great deal of imagination. And this one should attain considerable cult value I reckon. The basic set-up for the story is typical enough in that this is a found footage movie. It has a group of Soviet soldiers entering Nazi Germany during the final days of the Second World War. They wind up at a dilapidated factory where they discover bizarre creatures that appear to be half human half machine. It's these monsters that are the real angle for this film. Named as zombots in the credits, these creations are extremely original in design. They have a definite steampunk styling and pleasingly each creature has a completely different look. Knives for hands, propeller-heads, head-crushing heads, stilts legs, face-drills…you name it, these monsters are nothing if not original in design. What makes it even better is that this is a movie with a lot of proper physical effects and costumes – it's not rammed to the gunnels with CGI effects. This ensures that the look is more convincing. The factory location has a suitably grungy feel too, which works well alongside the creatures. Things eventually move into the lair of the mad scientist Frankenstein. It's at this point we get to see some of his insane experiments, including combining half a Communist brain with half a Nazi one! Yeah, there is a lot of crazed imagination in this one. Surely there must be a sequel...Dracula's Army anyone?

Reviewed by foreversmom 7 / 10 / 10

Fantastic creature design makes this worth watching!

First and foremost, I rated this a 7/10 for creature design alone! They are truly unique and remarkable, even if the movie itself falls short. The acting is sub-par and there is no real character development at all. Some of the characters were so disgustingly horrible that I was begging for them to be taken out by the zombots immediately and all but cheered the moment they were. If you want to see some fantastic creature design, give this movie a try. My husband and I paused the movie several times just to take in the whole creature design aspect. It is entertaining enough from start to finish to warrant a viewing. It's not really thought provoking, but if you are looking for some mindless fun then give this flick a go!

Reviewed by innerboyka 7 / 10 / 10

Deliciously Campy

I expected a low-rate B movie with maybe a few good scenes. I was very surprised with how well the film was put together. The story is simple: the Russian army is battling Germany during WW 2. They respond to a distress call put out by another Russian troop. When they get to the location they only find a hand full of Germans. I won't give away much of the plot except to say they that their expeditions lead them into a Nazi factory for making monsters run by none other than the monster-making maestro himself, Dr. Frankenstein. The monsters are good: kinda like more mechanized versions of those in Hellraiser, and the factory is like a weird mixture of Ed Gein meets Willy Wonka. The acting and dialog were also above average. I would overall characterize the movie as fun, not just the same rehashed Nazi experiment movie, and definitely worth a try

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