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Dennis Quaid as Ed Miller
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Reviewed by Raj G 10 / 10 / 10

Simply amazing, very different idea, excellent performances, dad-son relationship

Simply amazing, very different idea, excellent performances, dad-son relationship

Reviewed by spz824690 9 / 10 / 10

Son's wish

There are some points I do not accept in this film, but I like this. One day, John, who lost his father years ago, contacts his father all of a sudden. His father, Frank is a firefighter. They have conversation beyond time and space. So John decides to save his father from the accident that he dies of. For John's advice, Frank is able to survive fire in the building. It is interesting that changes Frank makes affects the present. For instance, after Frank survived a fire, the newspaper article John has changes. And at the John's study, when Frank puts out his cigarette on his desk, a tiny ruins of a fire appears on the desk John is sitting. I was glad to see his parents are alive and they can live peacefully. But owing to change of the past, a colleague of his mother is killed instead of her. I was sorry for the woman. If John did not change the past, she would not be killed... However, John's desire to save his parents moves me to tears. I want to watch it again.

Reviewed by Alice Caroline (acplace) 9 / 10 / 10

My Favorite Father-Son Bond in All of Cinema

Last year the CW debuted a television adaptation of this series and changed the gender of the younger Sullivan to female. I understand why it was done, but to me the most magical element of the original was the father-son dynamic. Being female, I certainly treasure growing up with one of the best dad's a girl could have. However, I find that moving father-son films are severely lacking. It's unfortunate as dads can have such a beautiful and special bond with their boys. This film contains my absolute favorite father-son relationship with "About Time" and "Field of Dreams" just behind it. The plot is wholly original and endlessly entertaining. It contains elements of science fiction, romance, and even a murder mystery, but the film's best moments occur when Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid are simply talking to each other over the radio. This is a testament to talent of both actors as they did not have the advantage of performing in the same room. Additionally, I never had a hard time accepting either of these actors natives of Queens during their intended time periods. This movie will provide you with thrills but also make you want to give your father a great big hug. I absolutely adore it.

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