Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood


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Kane Hodder as Jon Roy
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Tony Goldwyn as Harold Nixon
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Reviewed by THEPIPEMAN64 8 / 10 / 10

The best Jason has ever looked.

This is one of the better sequals. One reason is that because it is the first appearence of Kane Hodder as Jason and is the one actor to were the costume more than once. Mostly anyone who knows anythinf about this series will tell you that Kane is the best Jason there ever was. Although the movie is trying to some like the film "Carrie" it does a pretty good job of pulling it off. The film is basically about this teenage girl who thinks she killed her dad during a dispute and come to the Crystal Lake with her mom and shrienk to work things out because everytime she gets angry her teleconises goes off the charts which just so happens to wake Jason. Close to were she is staying are a group of teenagers who of course get slaughtered in some pretty grissley scenes. I must this film is one of the better sequals of the series and is also a good slasher for the genera.

Reviewed by rambofanlife-41678 4 / 10 / 10

A really dull stupid bad sequel

I know everyone is going to disagree with me but I found this movie really boring, lame and stupid. I don't know what happened with this film. Last year I was crazy and hooked on this movie, this year I found it extremely less enjoyable and boring dull movie. I found it stupid the main lead I found Tina to be stupid and not likable. While making a marathon and when I re watch it I was bored out of my mind with the film. I couldn't finish the film I come only 50 mins around until I throw my disk out of the Blu-ray player. I found the film extremely dull. I did not like zombie Jason at all or his outfit. They changed his cloths from part VI Jason Lives which was awful. I found Kane Hodder one of the worst Jason ever. Tina was annoying brat. She kept whining trough whole movie and I found it really annoying. Why was she crying when she was a bad-ass heroine? She annoyed me as hell. I am sorry but I have enjoyed Freddy Vs. Jason MILES way more than this movie. It simply become my least favorite film in the series. My girlfriend love this film it is her favorite number one film in the franchise mine just isn't. I didn't care about anyone in this film I didn't care about any of the characters anymore. I want watch this movie for a long time. This movie is un watchable in my opinion. The only thing I liked was the song Eye Eye - Essence of You it is a really good song and when Tina and her mom driving with car to Crystal Lake it remind on The Evil Dead (1981) and would definitely rather watch the Original Evil Dead than this movie. 3/10 I have no comments anymore but this last 4 movies to me are dreadful un watchable.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10 / 10

Jason meets his match

'Friday the 13th' may have been panned by critics when first released but since then it is one of the most famous and influential horror films, the franchise containing one of horror's most iconic villains. The film is popular enough to become a franchise and spawn several sequels of varying quality and generally inferior to the one that started it all off. 'The New Blood', the seventh instalment, is not among the best films in the series from personal opinion, though far from awful. It does have good things and a couple of interest points, but there is the general sense that things and the concept were becoming half-hearted and stale. Not sure as to whether 'The New Blood' is the worst film in the series as some critics and fans have said it to be. As aforementioned, 'The New Blood' has strengths. The make-up effects are genuinely gruesome and frightening and the telekinetic effects are surprisingly good. The music score once again is hauntingly eerie and there are a couple of deaths that are well done, the sleeping bag one is the best one and not just one of the film's highlights but also one of the best death scenes to me of the whole series. Kane Hodder sends chills down the spine as Jason. The interest point of 'The New Blood' is the supernatural, telekinetic element, the one thing that stops the film from being severely fatigued and from it being a complete retread. It is a very strange idea and doesn't feel like it entirely belongs within the film, but it's pretty clever. However, Lar Park-Lincoln is fairly overwrought in places, though she does have good moments especially with Hodder, and the rest of the acting is nothing to write about. Their characters are hard to care for, due to them being so sketchy and in a couple of cases grating. The dialogue continues to be crude and simplistic. None of these were strengths anyway in the 'Friday the 13th' series ('Jason Lives' is an exception), but for all 'The New Blood' is one of the worse-faring cases. Pacing feels rushed in the telling of the story, which can feel jumpy, and dull because it's all so bloodless. The humour is more goofy and annoying than tongue-in-cheek and witty, there is a real shortage of suspense, far too tame scares (and it's not just because the film is very un-gory, the only one that shocks is the un-masking) and the deaths have been far more imaginative and creepy elsewhere in the series, with one exception. The ending is ridiculous and over-extended. On the whole, lacklustre but not a waste of time. 4/10 Bethany Cox

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