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Emma Bell as Perfect Maid of Honor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kennengod 9 / 10 / 10

Interesting film *spoiler*

at the beginning of the film, three friends (loving couple and a best friend) come to rest on a ski resort on the last day of the week. they want to go down from the mountain on skis, but the attraction is already closed. They bribe the guard and sit down in the ski lift. The day guard ends and the he is replaces with another who does not know about the students in the ski lift suspended far above ground, isolated, with no one knowing about it(and no way to contact anyone)

Reviewed by f-91790 1 / 10 / 10

Skip this one

Although the premise is unique and interesting, the movie is anything but. The first 20 minutes are completely uninteresting and boring, not a decent opener for a survival horror. The acting was good, but that's where the good things end. The characters are unlikable and when the horror starts, you can't feel bad for them because they have made so many dumb decisions. Of course no one had a mobile phone, of course one of the characters had to make a completely unrealistic and stupid jump, when all he had to was climb up on to the ski wires and make his way to the chair furthest below. The female characters got frostbite but it never occurred to her that she should zip her jacket up the whole way or put her other hand in her pocket or jumper. The wolves were a complete unnecessary addition and the whole film goes from being a survival thriller on a chairlift at a ski resort to an animal horror movie.

Reviewed by jamesharringtondes 1 / 10 / 10

Avoid This One

Typical horror-type movie where the characters lack thinking. Immediately the first instance of being left alone would spur action in daylight,when it is warmest, not later when cold sets in for frostbite and all the rest. Not to mention freezing to death aboard a ski chair high off the ground. One of male characters should climb to tow cable, make his way to grounded structure (which has ladder steps) on his front side straddling cable. Once on the ground look not for escape but any ready-available weapons to ward off potential animal attacks. Does not matter if safety is a quarter mile. At minimum, this would consume an hour from chair to building safety down below. It amazes me where other people miss my points altogether. What person in this situation when the CAT was below would throw a ski pole or whatever down instead of a snowboard which commands attention immediately? Equally ponderous is why the CAT operator stopped where he did and return to offices instead of completing inspection. And what about the character's own cars in the parking lot? Hello? A sole car after all others have driven off isn't noticeable? Hello? Characters in this movie did everything wrong which one wonders, what were the writers thinking? I thank my lucky stars I did not pay to view this monstrosity. Oh, and of course, didn't anyone have a cell phone?

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