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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by king5238 10 / 10 / 10

Awesome movie. Worth watching...Best movie of the year !!

This is awesome movie. Must watch movie. Best movie of the year till date. All the actors have made really great performance unlike so called star sons. Story line up is also new unlike typical Indian romantic stories. You won't feel bored during entire movie. Songs are OK but acting of all actors is mind blowing. They don't have big star cast but definitely better than big star cast movie. Movie has real Delhi locations, not funky sets. I would recommend to watch this movie. You will laugh a lot and every moment, you will think what happens next. People should realize that without big start cast also, a movie can be good.

Reviewed by shanpanjwani 10 / 10 / 10

Short, confusing and HILARIOUS!!!

My family wanted to go to the theatres this weekend and I had to go. They all went to watch the horrendously boring Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani, but I chose to watch this because of all the rave reviews. Let me tell you, the other reviews were correct! I can't remember any scenes except for a few funny ones, nor do I know any of the actors in this. The plot was wack, and the songs were meh. But, the film was undoubtedly hilarious. There are funny lines, funny situations, and funny actions. This film is exactly what you want to watch if you want incredible hilarity for 2 hours. You'll go home happy, and you're senses will be soothed. I'll give it an 8/10, worthy of watching in theatres and a few more times later, because it will be just as funny.

Reviewed by sahilbanga 10 / 10 / 10

Laugh riot to the core

Fukrey is one of those movies which wouldn't let you stop laughing for any moment. The humor is so spontaneous that most of the times you'd laugh out of surprise. It's a fresh script, thematic, and doesn't rely on one-liners to get you in splits. The storyline is compelling and witty. A story about 2 school kids who desperately want to get into a premier college despite having failed their 12th class twice (one of them failed even in 1st class). Their unique talent is that one dreams something absurd, the other decodes that dream to get the winning number of a lottery. But a series of incidents get them into trouble which is a hilarious journey, along with 2 other guys. The movie is buoyed up with well-sketched characters portrayed so perfectly by the actors, which is a boon for the movie. The real flavor of Delhi's lower-middle class mannerism and lingo is accentuated by the cinematography that focuses on the respective areas rather than 'Dilli-Darshan' (Voyaging Delhi). The script might be silly or illogical to many, but that is what creates the humor here! It's not an intellectual comedy, but it ain't stupid as well. It's well-balanced between the two. A must-watch.

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