Futurama: Bender's Game


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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January 12, 2021


Frank Welker as Nibbler / Trolls / Tyrannosaurus Rex / Monkey / Polar Bear / Rat / Chickens / Tunneling Horror
Katey Sagal as Turanga Leela / Leegola
Lauren Tom as Amy Wong / Gynecaladriel / Chinese Boy
Rich Little as Rich Little's Head as Howard Cosell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by randomorwhat 8 / 10 / 10

The best Futurama 'film' so far...

I have been impressed with the other Futurama 'films' (for wont of a better word), yet none of them achieved what this one did, the main thing I look for when watching the Futurama cartoon: laugh out loud comedy. And this has that - though not wall-to-wall, it contains enough clever plot writing to satisfy the most adamant of cartoon fans. The CGI far excels the majority of former episodes, although Futurama has always enjoyed a very shiny veneer of pure 'cool'. The character development was handled with far more maturity than in the previous longer installments, and focused on characters which were previously overlooked. In addition, the popular culture references were intelligent, amusingly accurate and, above all else, integral to the plot. No part of this film felt unnecessary - every moment of the outing felt it was necessary to the overall shape of the piece. In conclusion, this is by far the best longer-addition Futurama produced to this day. In fact, I'm only sad I saw an advanced viewing, because now I have longer to wait for the next production! The writers have proved they can provide fresh material and give it to the viewers in a non-patronising, intelligent but not pretentious manner. Bring on the next installement!

Reviewed by fakeemail468 5 / 10 / 10

Bad. An enormous disappointment

OK, so the first movie was fantastic and the second was alright. This, however, is everything that made the Simpsons bad. Completely random jokes, a completely random story line which makes no sense going from one thing to another, and what seems to be a lower production value than last time. It's just completely random. Like any recent Simpsons episode, it has nothing remotely funny about, consisting only of lead characters loudly shouting puns or other predictable jokes - because apparently when a voice actor shouts their lines or over-voices them with no hint of wit it's meant to be funny. I reckon the new Simpsons writers got to the script, because it's honestly awful: they've over-spoofed it as well, with white castle, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars all being pointlessly featured. The main feature of the movie, the alternative world, was only shown for half an hour to make room, instead, for a sub-par story about Professor Farnsworth trying to create an energy crisis in response to Mom increasing the price of fuel. (Yes, it even looks bad on paper.) Not only does the plot make no sense, there is nothing clever done with this poor starting material, meaning there is no redemption in the jokes. Compare this to the first movie, Bender's Big Score, and this is a travesty of an excuse for entertainment. Bender's Big Score had hilarious jokes, clever writing and an interesting plot which seemed to flow together; heck even the second film at least followed from one theme to another. This is just a mess and dishonours the Futurama name. It's the first Futurama cartoon I've ever not liked, and I hope this isn't the sign of things to come. Stick to the first two movies because this is utter trash. The ending is also utter garbage, with clear evidence that the (poor) writers couldn't think of anything to conclude the story. Compare this to the brilliant ending of the first movie, where we see Fry's realisation of his future relationship and we find out the person in love with Leela was Fry all along, this just stops the flow of the movie by ending on a lame joke. That's all the explanation you get - one single, lousy joke. To its credit, the side story with Bender going crazy was mildly humorous, but seemed a lame excuse to thrust the characters randomly into an alternative universe. A huge disappointment to what started out as two excellent feature-length movies. It has ended in an unfunny and completely random cartoon, just like the Simpsons right now. Here's hoping they fire the Simpsons writers they clearly employed and get back whoever wrote the first movie. And if they are the same writers, shame on you for making this. Find ONE plot, stick to it and make it witty. Please don't throw in loads of movie references, jump around the story or make cheap jokes. I'm hoping the last movie in this series is more like the first two. One last thing - the ratings on here have been given by fans who haven't seen the movie - that's usually what happens, as we make the presumption that every piece of Futurama animation will be brilliant, but don't let the rating fool you. Watch the movie yourself decide for yourself if it's garbage or not.

Reviewed by DarthPaul85 5 / 10 / 10

Another step down for the Futurama movies.

Let me put it this way, this movie was to "Billion backs" as "Billion backs" was to "Big score." The first movie was great, the second was just OK, and this one is actually kind of bad. I hate to speak ill of anything Futurama, but fans should keep their expectations in check. The writing here is different...it's not the same style...the jokes feel lazy. Even the personalities aren't written in full force, you keep feeling like everybody is half-asleep or something. lastly, the plot (or rather, "plot") is the worst by far. What had the potential to be a great economical satire (and failing that, even a jab at D&D and Lord of the Rings), completely lacks any focus or high level of comedic insight. As Futurama fans, we've come to expect an interesting story even if the comedy fails, but this may be the first time the story itself was so poorly implemented. So what do we have left? Well, it's still the characters and settings we know and love already. Admittedly, the off-handed comments by the characters are still quite funny, and a handful of their social commentaries do hit the mark, as do a small number of the "regular" jokes. Anyway, If you're a Futurama fan, you really owe it to yourself to keep up with these movies. At best, perhaps this is just a change in style that will take multiple viewings to appreciate. Nevertheless, I just want to say this: "We're Futurama fans; we expected better."

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