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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gleejoseph 10 / 10 / 10

Garam Masala - A wonderful laugh riot !

One of the more sensible comedies to hit the Hindi film screens. A remake of Priyadarshans 80s Malayalam hit Boeing Boeing, which in turn was a remake of the 60s Hollywoon hit of the same name, Garam Masala elevates the standard of comedies in Hindi Cinema. Akshay Kumar has once again proved his is one of the best super stars of Hindi cinema who can do comedy. He has combined well with the new hunk John Abraham. However John still remains in Akshays shadows and fails to rise to the occasion. The new gals are cute and do complete justice to their roles. A must watch comedy. Leave your brains away and laugh for 2 hrs!!!! After all laughter is the best medicine ! Ask Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar !!!!!

Reviewed by Varun_N_8 10 / 10 / 10

garam masala-rib tickling comedy movie of all time!!

the movie 'GARAM MASALA' is yet another blockbuster directed by priyadarshan.this is a remake of his old movie BOEING BOEING.for those people who hate love-stories,sentiments this movie is worth your money.there is rib tickling comedy throughout the movie and it is difficult for anyone to control laughing!!!this movie proves to be a testimony for AKSHAY KUMAR that he is the KHILADI of Hindi cinema.JOHN ABRAHAM is at his best.three beautiful air hostess in this movie portrayed by DAISY,NEETU,NARGIS have done their best and never disappoint. STORYLINE- MAC(AKSHAY KUMAR) and shyam(JOHN ABRAHAM)are good friends who work in a magazine called GARAM MASALA. one day they are threatened by their boss to shoot some quality photos of beautiful models.mac is engaged to anjali(RIMI SEN)but he always gives less attention to her.meanwhile shyam and mac both go on a date with maggie(NEHA DHUPIA)on the same day unknowingly and are surprised to see each other.drama prevails in a restaurant and both of them leave maggie to pay the bill and day shyam goes to an old photo shop and ask the owner to give him a photo which is not yet featured in any sort of magazine.owner agrees and he leaves the shop with negatives of those photos.he gives same to his boss which help him in winning a competition.he gets promoted and fly to America to enjoy his vacation.mac is annoyed by this and on his friend's advice meets three air hostess to overcome is pain and feel relaxed.things get worse when shyam returns to India and is shocked to see mac flirting with those beautiful girls.mac hires an apartment which becomes an abode to all his girlfriends and shyam requests mac to stay in his flat.high drama follows when mac and shyam try to hide their secrets from ladies.mambo(PARESH RAWAL)chef in mac's house and babban(RAJPAL YADAV)help them in all sorts of day deepti(DAISY)is shocked to see puja(NARGIS)with mac and things get too messy when sweety(NEETU CHANDRA)enters at that moment.mambo is disappointed with all sorts of tricks of mac and leave the then,mac and shyam run from their house and mac realize his mistake and promise shyam to make things even with his fiancée anjali. but mac is shocked to see all his girlfriends along with their colleagues run towards him and he is caught between his former girlfriends and his fiancée. the movie ensures you comedy riot throughout and never leaves you disappointed at all.complete blockbuster in true sense...!!! note:-please wear seat belt when you watch this movie as there is a chance of getting hurt when you fall from your seat laughing whole- heartedly !!!!!

Reviewed by prdindian 10 / 10 / 10

movie is amazing must watch

on the contrary to the person listed above me i felt that this movie was really funny particularly in the scenes were there is a lot of mix up. i don't want to give the plot and the storyline away to the people that haven't watched it yet but i will say that Paresh Rawal does not have an extensive role such as past Priyadarshan movies, for example, Hera Pheri and Hungama. Paresh Rawal does an amazing part in the little role given to him, John Abraham does equally well, Akshay Kumar has proved that he is no less in this movie like he had from Waqt and almost all his movies after Andaaz. Even though all three heroins in this movie were at a debut they did a pretty good job of acting particularly Nargis who is very good looking and hot. i would say that if you liked Hungama or Hera Pheri this movie is a must watch.

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