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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by IKnowGoodFilms 1 / 10 / 10

Complete Overrated Garbage

Based on the reviews on imdb, I went into this expecting something great...or at least watchable. Unfortunately what I ended up watching was just utterly attrocious. The acting was almost laughably bad, the camera work was nausea inducing, and the plot line was moronic. Imho it seems impossible to me that anyone rated this 10 stars....unless they directly worked on the movie and are just trying to get people to watch it. Avoid this like the plague.

Reviewed by Aaronitepub 9 / 10 / 10


People's opinions are simply that! OPINIONS! And opinions well ... everyone certainly has one and they all VARY! What is interesting is that when Alfred Hitchcock first came onto the scene dating back to 1939 his greeting by the general public was lack luster at best. His work was ripped up extremely and nearly discouraged him to the point of throwing in the towel. This filmmaker's style in this particular film resembles a Hitchcock film. People who love horror seem to want a kill scene every five minutes. For one thing, this is NOT a horror film. It is a suspense/thriller just as Hitchcock's were. In conclusion, people are oh so quick to pass judgement on something they know nothing about and by that I mean EVERY movie watcher I would be willing to bet has NEVER MADE ONE FILM IN THEIR LIFE! Below are the reviews written by people who actually have an open mind to what a good story entails: ************************************ REVIEWS: By Angeliqueon April 20, 2018 Format: Amazon Video Verified Purchase I really liked this movie. To me, the acting was excellent. It made me cry, laugh and really connect with these characters. I really found this realistic and raw in an inspiring way. I do recommend the watch if you want to really connect with the characters and dive head first into a story you will wanna watch more of even after the movie has ended. The female main character I thought was amazing. Great job. ******************************** A Michigan made film which surpasses the boundaries of what usually comes out of this state in 'Indie' films. One that undoubtedly compares to an Alfred Hitchcock film in story content and at the same time mirrors a good ol' Agatha Christi story in regard to mystery/suspense, which qualifies it, in her likeness as a great 'Who Dunnit' film. And as the review states: You will get drawn into the characters and have you longing for more long after the movie has ended. ********************************* REVIEW: By Eric Weberon June 3, 2018 Format: Amazon Video Verified Purchase Fantastic movie! A real cliff-hanger, the killer is not revealed 'til the end. I really enjoyed the performances of Carrie Bradstreet, John Vella, Matt Hudson, Kevin Allen, Molly Cunningham, and Benn Perry.

Reviewed by ericweber-97042 9 / 10 / 10

Great movie!!!

Mayhem Park is a terrific independent movie that was filmed entirely in Michigan. Mayhem Patk has great, realistic plot twists. I especially LOVED the performances of Carrie Bradstreet, Jon Michael Alexander, and Chrystal Snow.

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