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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wcmwcm1 9 / 10 / 10

Warm and interesting

My grandson and I enjoyed this film together. We have developed a taste for such from Totoro and Castle in the Sky. In a quiet way you come to see the development of Goshu, enjoying the artwork, music and animal characters along the way. What a nice change of pace from the current stuff on Cartoon Network!

Reviewed by dvfinnh 9 / 10 / 10

Pathway to musicality

Art with a didactic agenda often fails by succeeding - once we learn the message, we lose interest in the messenger. Fortunately, the animal night spirits here disguise their lessons *for* Goshu as requests for favors *from* Goshu. They never explain themselves. Even for the viewer who gets the point before Goshu, the film will deserve at least a second viewing to appreciate the teacher's cunning. Goshu begins the film as a *mediocre* professional cellist (so his playing may already sound pretty good to a child beginner!). He already shows dedication to practicing; the film carries a message more subtle than the mere value of hard work. The spirits aim to teach the higher values of music. Indeed it takes a pretty good ear, at first, even to hear the difference they make. Sufficient ambiguity surrounds their didactic message that no one should find the film heavy handed. As subtle as its message about music itself, the movie really speaks to the art of teaching (hence didactic of the second order!). I suspect that a Japanese viewer will immediately understand the animals as (potentially menacing) supernatural spirits (rather like denizens of dreams), and thus understand Goshu's initial violent hostility to his actually friendly visitors. If one misreads the visitors as mere (fantasy) animals, Goshu's reactions to them just seem monstrous. In other words Disney would expect you to suspend disbelief in the presence of a talking cat (not to mention a person who so quickly finds it natural to talk to a talking cat), but Goshu knows cats don't talk, though spirits, manifestations of our inner demons, very well may. A young Western child watching this film might find it useful or even comforting to have this explained in advance!

Reviewed by jose-cruz53 9 / 10 / 10

Great early anime film

Isao Takahata is one of the greatest directors of all time, either in animation of live action, and here we are shown one of his early pre- Ghibli films. The quality of the artwork and animation is sub-par compared to his later films (such as Grave of the Fireflies, which he made only six years after this film but it feels like it was made with ten times the budget and more advanced technology). The soundtrack is marvelous as it consists of Beethoven's 6th symphony and there is a very interesting cello solo later in the film. Overall, I found this film better than Pom Poko and Yamadas but not as good as Grave of the Fireflies and Only Yesterday, which I consider his two masterpieces.

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