Get Santa


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Jim Broadbent as William Schwenck Gilbert
Nonso Anozie as Oberon
Rafe Spall as Herb
Warwick Davis as Wicket
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ArchonCinemaReviews 7 / 10 / 10

Nice jolly addition to the holiday genre

Get Santa is a great new holiday movie with a decidedly British sense of humor about it. Santa Clause is in big trouble! A few days before Christmas while testing out a new sleigh he crashes it! His head is boggled, his reindeer are on the loose in London so he is stranded – which doesn't bode well for the children on Christmas Day. Lucky for him, a kid named Tom discovers Santa sleeping in his family's garage. Santa tries to rescue his reindeer from the impound and ends up fingerprinted and locked up. It's okay though, little Tom decides that he and his dad Steve need to help Get Santa outta London and back to the North Pole! Get Santa is a good family movie because it is a comedy for the adults and the children. Putting Kris Kringle in jail is definitely the humor for the adults. The father son duo out on the town helping Santa and saving Christmas is for the kids. Jim Broadbent is a great Santa for the circumstances of the film. He's jolly and looks the part but there is a twinkle in his eye that suggests Santa is in on the jokes while in prison. The rag tag group of prisoners and parolees that end up helping Mr. Claus are a nice and original change. They are gruff and tough but friendly and you won't find the curmudgeon who learns the meaning of Christmas cliché in Get Santa, thankfully. Christopher Smith's holiday film is a nice addition to the genre. Get Santa is not completely original nor is it extraordinary but it is sweet without being saccharine and appropriate for kids without seeming lazy. Check out our WEBSITE for all the recent releases reviewed in full.

Reviewed by doggie231 7 / 10 / 10

Funny and moving in equal measure.

So refreshing to see an intelligent children's film. Hilariously funny but also very moving. A film that shows even broken families can settle their differences over Xmas. My eight year old and his friend have been quoting lines of dialogue all week. The scene when Santa reveals the history of all the prisoners is so brilliantly written, my wife cried. I also loved the sequence when Santa becomes "street" in prison. I never thought I would ever see a Christmas movie featuring Straight Outta Compton by NWA. The kid actor was also really good. I read a review that said the fart reindeer fart scene was cheap. It's no cheaper than the fart scene in Blazing Saddles which is a classic. Not only that but the whole cinema was laughing and unless I'm mistake, this film was made for children.

Reviewed by tr91 7 / 10 / 10

Good Christmas film

Get Santa is a good Christmas film where a father & son bond while trying to save Santa Claus from prison or Christmas will be ruined. Although its all to do with Christmas, the father & son rebuilding their relationship takes centre stage. The story is good and perfect for a nice easy going film leading up to the big day. There are plenty of familiar actors from British TV Shows/films in this film such as Matt King (Peep Show), Jodie Whittaker (Broachurch), Nonso Anozie (Cass), Stephen Graham (This is England), Warwick Davis & Rafe Spall. Santa Claus was played by Jim Broadbent. The story progresses at a nice pace and there is quite a few decent laughs along the way. It's certainly not a film I would watch every year but for a first time viewing it was plenty good enough. The humour of course has a very British feel to it and the locations used were also good. The soundtrack over certain parts of the film made it even funnier. Although parts of it are a little cliché, the ending is very heartwarming. Overall a good Christmas film. 7/10. If you happen to have a strange phobia of flatulent reindeer's then please avoid the film at all costs ;)

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