Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws


Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Alan Bagh as Charlie Fox
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 1 / 10 / 10

Kiwi-made micro dud

GHOST SHARK 2: URBAN JAWS is no relation to the cheesy monster flick GHOST SHARK, so the title is something of a misnomer. Instead this is a Kiwi-produced dud about characters menaced by the ghost of a shark. The problem is that this is a micro budget indie with no kind of budget for effects or anything of the kind. So you get a bunch of lame non-actors conversing throughout and some cheesy 'kill' scenes. The whole thing is an embarrassment and a waste of time from beginning to end.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10 / 10

Yeah, don't really bother with this one...

I have seen the 2013 movie "Ghost Shark" and wasn't particularly impressed with it. Little did I know that they actually made a sequel to that movie two years later. Now in 2020 I was presented with the chance to sit down and watch the 2015 "Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws". And since I haven't already seen this, of course I opted to watch it. Granted, my expectations were slim to none for the movie, as the first movie wasn't all that impressive. Lo and behold, "Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws" was a horrible movie through and through. The storyline was just atrocious, and felt like something that directors Johnny Hall and Andrew Todd just came up with as they went along and were shooting the movie. It was a super weak plot line, and the characters were just pointless. And as far as this movie being called "Ghost Shark", well you hardly see the actual ghost shark for a whole minute throughout the entire movie if you count the on-screen-time together. The ghost shark actually felt like it was a mere backdrop to base a pointless storyline upon. And when you actually do get to see the shark, you just gawk at it in disbelieve. It was a still image of a translucent shark. Yeah. It didn't even move, except for some horrible floating around on the screen. The CGI team - if they had one - didn't even bother to animate a shark to make it look just a bit realistic and life-like. No, they just went with a copy and paste solution. Some of us suffered through the ordeal that is known as "Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws", so you don't have to. And trust me, you don't want to. Do yourself a favor and stay well clear of this stinker. My rating of "Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws" is a staggering one out of ten stars. This is definitely among the top 10 of horrible movies I have had the misfortune of sitting through.

Reviewed by goldenarrow-99823 3 / 10 / 10

Just when you thought it was safe to stay out of the water...

Love the sheer ridiculocity of this. With an ice lolly, lube and an iron among the means the supernatural oceangoing maniac accesses their prey (ghost sharks can travel through ice, water and steam much like Ultron can use the internet) you have to admire the creative lunacy with which they approach this. If Logan really hasn't bathed in 9 years, with that amount of exercising and his penchant for raising one arm to hold his bag behind his shoulder, he must possess either nuclear powered deodorant or incredibly whiffy pits. Fortunately, this never takes itself seriously and a good job too as it is so patently daft - the deliberately (I hope) overacting of the main characters is entirely justified when you face a menace that can kill you to death through the medium of steam...

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