Ghost Ship

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Emily Browning as Grace Kelly
Gabriel Byrne as Mr. Pilby
Julianna Margulies as Claire Miller
Karl Urban as Detective Ruiney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

Nice variant on the haunted house premise

The ragtag crew of a salvage boat run across an old abandoned ocean liner that turns out to be haunted by the unrestful spirits of people who were all murdered on it back in 1962. Director Steve Beck relates the enjoyable and involving story at a steady pace, adroitly crafts a pleasing spooky atmosphere, and stages the shock scenes with flair and skill (the boffo grab-you-by-the-throat gruesome opening multiple murder set piece packs a wicked punch!). The inspired script by Mark Hanlon and John Pogue offers a few neat twists as well as a valid reason for why the salvage crew can't simply just leave the ship once they realize something is seriously amiss. The sound acting by the tip-top cast helps a lot: Gabriel Byrne as crusty captain Murphy, Juliana Margulies as the gutsy and resourceful Epps, Ron Eldard as the rugged Dodge, Desmond Harrington as antsy greenhorn Ferriman, Isaiah Washington as the easygoing Greer, Alex Dimitriades as smartaleck Santos, Karl Urban as the scruffy Munder, and Emily Browning as helpful ghost girl Katie Howard. The luscious Francesca Rettondini slinks it up nicely as sultry singer Francesca. Kudos are also in order for the excellent art direction, Gale Tattersall's glossy cinematography, and John Frizzell's shivery score. An on the money fright film.

Reviewed by amiranda-39274 7 / 10 / 10

A good thriller, Horror not so much

Movie begin by showing an Italian ocean liner in the 60s, while showing it, this eerie, yet kind of nice music is playing, and then it shows the title of the film in pink, this really threw me off at first, with a false sense of security. Then it shows this really nice fancy party, with people dancing and looking happy, it then shows Emily browning ( Series of unfortunate events) when she was a little girl dancing with captain, all the while a very attractive singer named Francesca is singing an Italian song called Senza Fine, despite never watching this movie as a kid, this song and opening sequence feels very nostalgic and blissful. Of course without much warning a metal wire somehow breaks and cuts everyone on the dance floor into pieces, leading to a very gory shot. The movie then skips to a couple of years later to a salvaging crew, in the middle of a great action sequence, which does cause a mood whiplash, but after the last scene it is welcomed. The crew then return to port and meet a mysterious pilot who claims to have found the missing Italian liner, feeling a major payday they head out to find it. ONce they find it, the atmosphere hits you like a ton of bricks, the outside of ship looks creepy enough, they all respect the danger an old ship, a few entertaining ghost stories are told about. And the the haunting begins, well more like only 3 ghosts, 2 0f them being the little girl and captain who want to help the crew, the other is Francesca, who has some good moments that add to the atmosphere, but is never portrayed as scary, however some special effects do cause a few jump scares, and when members of the crew start dying the tension does increase. And then the second half begins, its not that its bad, but the rest crew find out that they've been lured by the devils advocate and that hes collecting souls on the ship, but needed someone to fix it, that's cool, but the way it was executed was kind of lame, when the history of the ship and the fate of the passengers is revealed, its all moving at a fast pace, with techno music, showing the crew killed everyone so they could keep all the cursed gold for themselves, and then their all killed, this was a cool sequence at first, if they slowed it down, explained more, and perhaps better music this could have been great, but instead it left me feeling kind of sick and disappointed. The climatic battle between the bad guy and Julianna Margulies (the good wife and ER), it felt very anti-climatic, but realistically i would have just blown up the boat too. Despite most of the second half being clunky, i was in awe, when all the trapped souls of the passengers are swimming from the sinking ships, turn into a spiral of light around the ship, and then enter into heaven, it made feel very good and forget most of what i hated in the second half, of course i got a mood whiplash when the survivor finds out the bad guy survived with the cursed gold and is just going to start the whole thing all over again. The movie is not scary, but i will admit suspenseful, the dialogue could have been better, the crew weren't too memorable, but like the marines from Aliens, they were likable, in fact a young Karl Urban was in this movie ( Dredd ). The plot was too simple and afterward you actually want to learn more of the backstory and characters motivations, luckily there is a special feature on the DVD that has the characters do just that. Overall the movie has great atmosphere and is fun to watch.

Reviewed by milosprole9 7 / 10 / 10

Good ghost story!

OK, ghost story. Not great movie, but it's enough solid that could have been great if it has a good script and I think this film looks like a bit of a B movie. The story and twist are good enough. I loved the opening scene, it was unexpectedly good. That scene was the only good thing about it and it's almost like they used their entire budget in that scene. The acting is OK and I didn't care for any characters except Emily Browning's ghost character which she was really likable. But overall, it was just an okay film with good story. I'd give it a 6.5/10.

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