Ghost Stories


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 3 / 10 / 10

Fast forward the first 2 stories, enjoy the third one which is creepy, surreal, gory n well shot n finish off the last one with a pinch of salt.

I didnt like the first one - it is about a nurse who has to take care of an elderly bed-ridden woman. The lead actress Jhanvi cannot act for sure n in fact the old woman gave a better performance than her. This one is not at all scary but a sad story. I hated the second one - about a pregnant lady who takes care of her nephew aft her sis' death. She also feeds birds to ward off a curse. It is painstakingly boring n ther is nothing horror about this one n the ambiguous ending looks too far fetched. I enjoyed the third one - about a man who arrives in a small rural town which is desolated as everyone except two kids turned into flesh eating creatures. This one is creepy, surreal, gory, tension filled with an amazing cinematography. The creatures r scary n a mix between vampires n big foot. I laughed a lil at the twist of the last one - about a man's obsession with his dead grandma. Of course, the lead actor ain't no Norman Bates but the twist is funny, considering the granny using the f word. The Henley tshirts werent looking good on the lead actor but the lead actress looked hot in those chemise.

Reviewed by riyen73 1 / 10 / 10

Scary (Not the movie but Bollywood's future)

The only scary part of Ghost Stories is how these 4 are supposed to be amongst Bollywood's top film directors. Serious rubbish and scary thought about the future of Bollywood. Dibakars segment is relatively better but Anurag Kashyap needs to retire. He is going the RGV route. Except that Anurags peak has been much lesser than RGV.

Reviewed by abhijit0711 1 / 10 / 10

Made an account to derate this movie

Horrendous! This is my first review. 4 directors take a huge dump on the horror genre. Ridiculous and laughable plot lines. Total nonsense. Karan Johar has shown that he's capable of producing the worst ever movies across genres. Film school freshmen could have done a better job than him on a similar budget.

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