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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aimless-46 7 / 10 / 10

Much More Relevant that the Television Series

The reputation of the original "Gidget" (1959) has eroded over the years thanks to two weak sequels and a truly dreadful television series. So if you have never seen the original don't dismiss it based on the extremely shallow content of the Gidget stuff that came later. While not a good double-feature match for "Rebel Without a Cause", it is dark and serious enough to still have some relevance While presenting a rather tame portrait of California's surf and beatnik counterculture, it fits solidly with the better coming-of-age/generational revolution stuff of the 1950's and 60's. Sixteen year-old Francis Lawrence (Sandra Dee at her most innocent) is the film's title character; girl plus midget equals Gidget. Dee managed to avoid the other two features and the television series but not fatal type casting. She would become more associated with "Tammy" than any other character. Although soon to be a teen idol, looking at her films it is probably difficult for today's audiences to understand her appeal. She was a talented actress with an especially good performance in "The Young and the Innocent" but was never able to transcend the teen idol stigma. Francis and her more mature and boy hungry friends (watch for "Batgirl's" Yvonne Craig) start their summer vacation trolling the beach for excitement. Francis doesn't really like boys but she can see that they will inevitably become a big factor in her life. Rescued by a boy named Moondoggie (James Darren who was never much of an actor but would also develop into quite a teen idol), Francis is introduced to the surf culture (watch for "Billy Jack's" Tom Laughlin). She is both attracted and repelled by the hedonist freedom and the inherent hypocrisy of the culture's preoccupation with money. In no sense is she the ditzy Gidget later portrayed on television by Sally Fields. There is a pervasive sexual undertone to the film with the possible loss of Gidget's virginity a unifying theme. But she is essentially a child, and the three main male characters are each protective of her in their own way. Along with Moondoggie are her clueless father (Arthur O'Connell) and The Big Kahuna (Cliff Robertson). Robertson is a combat veteran (Korea) who has basically dropped out and is living in a shack on the beach. Robertson does a good job in a challenging rol, as The Big Kahuna alternates between the seriousness he would soon bring to his portrayal of Jack Kennedy in "PT-109" and the manic qualities of a Dick Shawn character. Ultimately some irony is introduced as "Moondoggie" turns out to be Jeffrey Mathews, the clean-cut boy Mr. Lawrence has been trying all summer to persuade his daughter to date. Their summer at the beach is just a transitional point on the road to a ranch house in Sherman Oaks. Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child.

Reviewed by camibear7 5 / 10 / 10

We girls all wanted Moondoggie for our own.

Gidget was a movie I saw when I was just going into high school. After I saw it I wanted to be Sandra Dee so badly. She was so perky and pretty, and just so naive. It was a great film set on the beach at Malibu. Young juniors in high school going to the beach to get the attention of the college men. Woo who! And all the antics that go with it. Including when Gidget meets James Darren and he is so very dreamy. He took my breath away. Wow that most handsomest man next to John Saxon. Yep I was taken with this young actor. Who was not only handsome, but he could sing too. That song Gidget I had on 45rpm as did all the girls after we all got a load of Sandra Dee and James Darren together. The story is not too complicated, girl likes boy, girl chases boy who is a surfer, girl learns to surf and tries to make boy jealous, boy pretends he is not interested, then comes unglued when she is with someone else. In the end the prettiest girl Gidget gets Moondoggie. This movie was legendary in 1959 and it made alot of girls want to be a surfer like Sandra Dee in the movie. She even shoots the curl with Moondoggie on his board with him. She tells him it is the ultimate! Cliff Robertson plays the Kahuna and the wisest of the group of surfers who sit on the beach all day sunning themselves and goofing off. I liked this movie so much!

Reviewed by bensonmum2 5 / 10 / 10

"Honest to goodness it's the absolute ultimate!"

I don't think you can get much further away from the stuff I usually watch like Cannibal Holocaust or Zombi 2 than Sandra Dee and Gidget. It's impossible not to enjoy Dee's performance. She's bubbly, spunky, and cute. What's not to like? Overall, Gidget is a sweet little movie that, for the most part, is entertaining. On the downside, far too often the sweetness turns into sappiness - something I cannot stomach. Gidget is definitely a product of another time. Incidents that would automatically mean "sex" in a film made today are quite innocent and harmless in Gidget. A girl telling her mother that she wants to feel like a woman only means that she wants to fall in love and have a boyfriend. And watching with jaded 21st Century eyes, it's hard to imagine The Big Kahuna not being brought up on charges.

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