Girl Crazy


Comedy / Musical / Romance

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Judy Garland as Ginger Gray
June Allyson as Specialty
Mickey Rooney as Danny Churchill Jr.
Peter Lawford as Laurie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marknyc 10 / 10 / 10

The Best Gerswhin score is given the MGM treatment

Put aside any preconceptions about "Mickey and Judy" movies. In fact, put aside the film entirely. It's watchable, but who cares? The reason to see this film is for the fantastic arrangements of some of Gershwin's best songs. Hugh Martin and Ralph Blaine, soon to be famous for their score for "Meet Me in St. Louis," gave the Gershwins' score (their best show), the five-star treatment with fantastic vocal arrangements - though I'm sure Roger Edens also had a hand in there. What you get are versions that make these great songs sound even better. "Bidin' My Time," which can be a sleeper if done badly, turns into a rich counterpoint between Judy and a male quartet. "Embraceable You" is given an easy, lightly swinging full choral arrangement after Judy has her turn, and "I Got Rhythm" is taken over the top with Tommy Dorsey and the "Six Hits and A Miss" backing Judy perfectly. But the piece de resistance is Dorsey's arrangement of "Fascinatin' Rhythm," presented first as a typical swing arrangement (and a great one at that), and then with Mickey playing (appearing to play, actually), a piano solo a la Gershwin's "Variations on I Got Rhythm," complete with hand-crossing and all George's piano tricks - fantastic! Add to this Judy's painfully tender version of "But Not For Me," June Allyson's debut performance of "Treat Me Rough," and you have one of the best film scores ever. ("Bronco Busters," unfortunately cut from the film, is available on CD - in stereo, as are all the tracks.) If you are a Gershwin fan, this film is a treasure. Thank god they didn't throw out the best songs, as was done a few years earlier when Rodgers & Hart's equally impressive score for "Babes In Arms" was butchered for that film. I guess you had to be dead before your work was treated with respect in Hollywood!

Reviewed by inframan 9 / 10 / 10

Some of the best musical numbers ever put on film are here...

I ignored this movie for years thinking it was just another over-exuberant essay in the over-abundant MGM collection of sappy adolescent musicals. I'm glad that listening to an English revival of the original musical finally motivated me to watch it, because some of the best musical numbers ever put on film are here. Busby Berkeley started as the director but was replaced for supposedly tyrannical behavior. His production numbers appear at the end and are quite amazing, choreographing "I've Got Rhythm" with guns and bullwhips. All the numbers on this movie are quite exceptional, in particular "Biding My Time" one of the Gershwin brothers' finest and most surprising tunes, but also "Treat Me Rough" and "Could You Use Me". And the arrangements are some of the best I've ever heard, anticipating the harmonies of the Hi-Los and the Four Freshmen by a decade and a half. Judy has never looked prettier nor sung as purely and Mickey pulls out all the stops without (well, almost) going over the top. He even plays a terrific piano solo, with Tommy Dorsey! I never get tired of watching this movie. It's an explosion of pure pleasure.

Reviewed by cutter-12 9 / 10 / 10

Mickey and Judy's best!

Mickey Rooney is hilarious, Judy Garland charms your socks off with her incredible talent, Busby Berkely adds his genius, Norman Taurog is in top form, and Tommy Dorsey swings the joint with his big band in this exceptional MGM wartime Musical. Top it off with a superb Gershwin's score, Rags Ragland, Nancy Walker and June Allyson in solid supporting roles and you have one helluva entertaining songfest. What more can you ask for? If this one doesn't make you laugh and tap your toes nothing will. Sure it's fluff but oh what good fluff! Escapist fun in 1943 and just as good now. Judy and Mickey were always great together and made some decent musicals, but this is the best I've seen. A thorough delight from start to finish. What talent Hollywood once had that is gone forever. There's more entertainment value in the first 25 minutes of this picture than in most current films I've seen lately combined. See it. It's a gem.

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