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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by juanita82-1 8 / 10 / 10

an honest portrait that will stay with you

This film portraits the daily life of Gloria, an average Chilean divorced 50-something woman. The plot as such may not seem exciting or innovative at first but the character of Gloria makes up for it all. We are invited to share the way Gloria confronts different situations in her life, and we are blown away by her passion, sense of humor and independence. It may be telling that even several days after watching the film I find myself thinking about Gloria and smiling. An honest portrait that runs smoothly thanks the superb acting of the main character and the right combination of scenery and soundtrack. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by A_Llama_Drama 8 / 10 / 10

Superb drama held together by the leading lady and director

"Gloria" is one of those rare films; a female lead film that doesn't deal in hysterics or cattiness. The eponymous heroine dives into life and all its glories and miseries with such gusto that it's impossible not to be swept away with her. After 12 years of being single and dancing in single bars with men in their 60s, Gloria meets a nervous but lovely and loving man, Rodolpho. He's recently divorced and still largely involved in the lives of his ex-wife and their two daughters. Can Gloria, who's children are fiercely independent and whose only real relationship seems to be with her maid, overlook this gentleman's problems and find happiness? Paulina Garcia is so candid in her acting that at times I was just completely shocked by her realistic approach. Gloria wasn't a parody or morality tale, she was a woman. And a woman a lot like my mum. Having been single for so long and having built a life for herself, she struggled to let this man with his weaknesses into her life. Her scenes with Rodolpho and on her own contrasted so shockingly. At times sad and at times happy but never melodramatic or hysterical, "Gloria" took a mature and beautiful approach to life after 50. The nuances and psychological differences between Gloria and Rodolpho were prevalent but never overplayed or preached to the audience. Her scenes between her children and her highlighted her role in their lives - she was free of their dependency and, although Rodolpho seemed desperate to have that in his life, Gloria was desperate to be more a part of theirs. The one scene in which both children are together at a birthday party with Gloria and Rodolpho gives the audience so much. Needless to say, the tension and energy created when Rodolpho comes face to face with the competitors for her affection is incredible and destructive and so very, very real. The beautiful photography around the dinner table creates a visual feast of anxiety, jealousy, love and pride. I went to watch this film with my mum. That was slightly awkward. The film contains some serious sex scenes between two middle aged people entering old age. The degree of passion present in them also took me aback. I started to look at my mum a bit differently after this film... Finally, you probably won't see a more euphoric end to a film. When Gloria gets up to dance to the disco stormer of the 80s named after her, you'll be hard pressed not to join in. Quite possibly the most fun I've had at the cinema in a long time.

Reviewed by yris2002 8 / 10 / 10

An honest and intense portrait of a real woman, superbly interpreted

It is rare to find female portraits of real women, with all their imperfections, vulnerabilities, as well as their strength and courage. I have seen many movies trying to represent the female universe, but "Gloria" is in my opinion one of the most accurate, honest, real I have ever seen. In his picture there's not a single cliché , or pathetic, or melodramatic moment and the merit is to be given to Paulina Garcià who proves superb, she does not represent , she is a real woman, as if she were not playing. She offers such a variety of expressions, gestures , evidence of a great talent, her moments of joy are as intense as her down ones, proving always so charismatic and real. In the end we stay disarmed in front of this woman, who lives her sometimes desperate search for life in front of us, and we cannot but sympathize, smile, cry and feel with her. But her merit is shared by the director, quite significantly a man, and a young man, surprisingly capable of offering a very sensitive and mature view of the female world, and an equally honest view of a rather miserable male universe.

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