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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eiriksterminator 4 / 10 / 10

So boring...

Jesus christ this was so boring...There's barely anything happening for most of the movie...I don't know what the director was aiming for, but the little bit of plot that is there takes a backseat. Mostly it's just a lot of talking. Also, it's NOT funny.

Reviewed by ecce-platypus 8 / 10 / 10

Another great one from Mong-Hong Chung

I can't spell his name but this director is absolutely fascinating. I have seen only two of his movies (Soul and Godspeed) and can't find the earlier ones, but the last two are magnificent works. This one, Godspeed, let's say this is my free interpretation, is an answer to Nicholas W. Refn's Only God Forgives. It has the same Asian actor, and a couple of other things that made me think of Refn. But this is not in any way some copy of OGF. Quite the contrary, it seems like a critique, or at least a different perspective on life itself. A different "godspeed" and different forgiveness. It is very contemplative but at the same time very funny. The dramatic parts are excellent, no cheap pathetic here, and God knows contemporary movies are full of them. Can't wait for Mong-Hong Chung's next film or at least to find the old ones! To bad so little attention he gets, while some other Asian idiots are all over the place. Oh, well, it's not that much different in Europe, where people praise some Nymphomaniacs or something. Godspeed is real stuff.

Reviewed by Tamasaburo 8 / 10 / 10

Great Japan-Style Gangster Film

This is a surprisingly great movie! Although quite heavy on dialogues, this movie is entertaining from start to finish. Strong acting makes this a pleasure to watch. The story is not something really noteworthy but it doesn't have to be. Not every new film has to raise the bar for complex and surprising storytelling. And this film has Michael Hui!! An absolute pleasure to see him again on the big screen, as he is one of my favorite comedians of all times. Here he shows (not surprisingly) that he is an all around great actor. This made his older movies so great, his ability to play characters who are funny and touching at the same time, a person to relate to, struggling through life but never giving up. All in all, this has a strong Japanese-movie feeling about it. This kind of movie is, what I typically would expect from Japan: great camera work, great actors, slow pacing and rare but violent action. It's a Yakuza flick from japan-loving Taiwan. Watch it!

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