Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drngor 8 / 10 / 10

Epic feeling makes for a solid Heisei entry

The fourth movie in the Heisei series, this Godzilla movie is a fairly solid entry in the long-running Godzilla series. This was the most successful Godzilla movie of the Heisei series although critically, it's seen as one of the lesser films in the second Godzilla series. The plot deals with a meteor crashing on earth, awakening Godzilla, Battra, and uncovering Mothra's egg. Battra attacks mankind for poisoning the environment, Godzilla attacks EVERYTHING, and Mothra tries to protect mankind from both menaces. There's a sub-plot thrown in dealing with a treasure-hunter and his ex-wife, as well as some not-so-subtle themes about the environment and Megumi Odaka as the psychic Mike Saegusa (sadly, her role is thin in this one). The special FX are great for the most part. The kaiju battles are fierce, although a bit too flashy (due to the nature of the monsters). There are some memorable scenes: Godzilla rising out of the volcano, Godzilla destroying Yokohama, Mothra coming out of its cocoon, and some others. The main liabilities in the special FX is Godzilla's return to his old roar (as opposed to the one he used in the previous 3) and Mothra's attack on Tokyo doesn't look too convincing. Overall, a good monster movie. The pace moves reasonably well. The monsters are fun and exciting as always. The preachy manner of our need to protect the environment isn't handled well, but it's not like it matters too much. After all, I watch these movies to see monsters fighting.

Reviewed by BrandtSponseller 8 / 10 / 10

Godzilla vs. Steven Spielberg!

The film opens with the Japanese Indiana Jones pillaging some archaeological ruins. Just as he makes his way out of a perilously collapsing old temple, he's stopped by rifles pointed at his head. The armed men are from the government, and they're accompanied by his ex-wife. It seems that a strange meteor has crashed near a remote island, and he's been pegged to lead an expedition on the island. They encounter a strange egg, then they run into the Cosmos, two tiny fairy-like beings, who tell them that it's the egg of Mothra, who protects the earth. While taking the egg back to Japan, suddenly, Battra, another monster, shows up, as does Godzilla, in his first appearance of the film, and all hell begins to break loose, as is wont to happen in Godzilla films. That's a bit more detailed than I usually try to present premises (although that's just the first fifteen minutes or so of the film), but I want to give you of how exquisitely bizarre Godzilla vs. Mothra is and at the same time, give some clues as to why I've titled this review "Godzilla vs. Steven Spielberg!" There are all kinds of Spielberg references (occasionally rip-offs) and Spielberg-like touches to this film. But imagine Spielberg on acid, making a live-action adaptation of some wacky kid-oriented anime, with the addition of monsters that are going to rip each other to shreds with death rays emanating from their eyes and mouths and biting each others' necks off while alien-colored blood spews out. That might sound like an atrocious concatenation to some people, but it's heavenly to me, which is why this particular Godzilla film is a 10 out of 10 for me. It's worth noting that director Takao Okawara managed quite a few "poetic" touches in this film, including some beautiful cinematography, the wonderfully weird cocoon-building sequence, and the scene of Mothra flying out into space, trailing sparkly dust. What really works best here, though, is the bizarre combination of kid-oriented fantasy and the more adult-oriented, menacing tone of the typical Godzilla film. The design of Mothra in this film is the perfect example. It looks like somewhat of a cross between a butterfly, a Muppet, a teddy bear, an Ewok, and a Gremlin at their "cute" stage. Only it is a giant fighting monster capable of killing other giant fighting monsters, destroying downtown, or maybe even destroying the Earth. The effect isn't that far removed from the Sta-Puft Marshmallow man at the end of Ghostbusters. It's all wonderfully surreal.

Reviewed by gigan-92 8 / 10 / 10

One G-Film To Remember!!

See this film, because it is truly one to remember. Mothra is well done here, the new version full of attacks that just make the movie more exciting when she fights. Plus a new monster: Battra, a male, vicious looking version of Mothra who is also well done. His shriek however is Rodan's, sigh. Toho, is it so hard to make new roars for new monsters? This film was directed by Takao Owara, who would go on to direct three more G-films, and he did a great job on this one that's for sure. Kazuki Omori still provided the screenplay and it came out great, thankfully no more time travel. I love the human characters here. Especially that we have a story that involves the characters personal lives. Andoh is played by Takehiro Murata, who would star in "Godzilla 2000" as the lead. Him and Takuya ( Tetsuya Besho) have a short brawl that was more comedic than dynamic, but it entertains. The Shobijin return, now called the 'Cosmos', and they sing many beautiful notes. Luckily, Akira Ifukbe scores the film, and creates a very beautiful score. Mothra's theme sounds just great! And the epic Gojira march theme of course, speaking of which... To the monsters. Godzilla has a new look that was spectacular, although it's kind of bulky. Mothra returns as a cute, furry, moth with new attacks. Now she can use more than speed and wind in battle. Battra is a very nicely done monster who had a lot of detail on its body. The larva form moved beautifully on land and in the Toho pool. The undersea battle was an excellent display of Koichi Kawakita's techniques. The JSDF battle with Godzilla was exciting and I never get tired of watching him demolish armies of tanks, jets and masers like nothing. One of the most action-packed Godzilla movies, plus I love the end battle where Mothra and Battra join forces to defeat Godzilla. Monsters without character are not monsters at all, and this film delivers in that aspect. The climax is excellent, not that'll spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. Although I will give you a hint: Someone dies. Someone lives. And someone afterwards must save the world from an entirely different threat.

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