Godzilla vs. Gigan


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vkn 5 / 10 / 10

Pleasingly surreal, decently action-packed, but a bit flawed nonetheless

Second only to Godzilla vs Hedorah in terms of weirdness, this Goji flick sees a bunch of aliens trying to conquer the earth using a children's theme park as their base. No, seriously. The bizarre theme of the film also shows in several other ways. The human characters are a bit of an oddball crew. No brave explorers, psychics or secret agents this time. Just a budding manga artist (who comes up with monsters and plots so daft not even Toho could take him seriously), his karate champion girlfriend, a funky hippy and some others. The aliens are their usual ludicrous and badly-dressed selves (they wear orange two-pieces with pink shirts underneath. Heaven help us) and their whole earth conquest plan is utterly ridiculous, of course. Something about an answering machine that can summon two monsters from space, probably. Thing is, all the silliness seems right in place this time, as the whole movie doesn't take itself seriously. Other good points include Anguillas being quite active, music by good ol' Akira Ifukube, and new baddie Gigan, who really is rather groovy. But for all that, there's plenty to dislike as well. Godzilla himself looks terribly messy in this film. Small bits of rubber are litterally falling off him during the fight. The rubber suit was in pretty poor state, apparently. It ends up looking as if Goji's suffering from kaiju-dandruff of some kind. Then there's the disappointing use of stock footage a go-go, which looks very lazy in some scenes. The scene where Anguillas pops up at Sagami bay and then blatantly -runs away- from the puny millitary without even smashing up one single thing is really shameful (and is probably the reason why Anguillas is often regarded as a bit of a wuss). Finally, the only really serious flaw is that the big battle at the end has a poor structure. Godzilla takes a huge beating for about fifteen whole minutes, then somehow decides that enough is enough and begins to kick back with some help from Anguillas (who did fairly little so far). But just then, after a few good smacks, the two nasty monsters just turn tail and run away. Booh. It's doubly disappointing when you consider that a battle between four monsters, Godzilla and Anguillas on one side, and Gigan and Ghidora on the other, could have been so much more, especially with such cool-looking nasties. So that leaves a bad aftertaste, but this is still an interestingly strange and silly kaiju movie that should please die-hards of the genre, or people looking for something hilariously odd. Worth watching once, just for it being so loveably off-the-wall, but you can find lots better if you want quality kaiju action. The pinnacle of freakiness has to be the scenes where Godzilla and Anguillas -talk- to each other. Not only do we hear some utterly ludicrous distorted voices, but both kaiju are also pretty poor conversationalists (especially Anguillas). Wonder what they talk about when there aren't any big, nasty aliens around?

Reviewed by NerdBat 7 / 10 / 10

Awesome monsters, Slow movie

The film does seem to drag quite a bit. It's not a bad movie, and Gigan is one of my favorite Godzilla monsters. He has a great design, and we even have him teaming up with Ghidorah, one of the monsters who (supposedly died in Destroy All Monsters but is somehow back) is one of the most popular and powerful Godzilla monsters. The creatures don't seem to appear though until almost halfway through the film, and even then, most of the destruction you see doesn't actually show that it's the monsters causing it. Some scenes do quite well, but not all of them. I also feel like they got kinda lazy with the designs for the alien invaders who control Gigan, it's like they just picked a roach out and said "oh yeah, there's a good alien". Toho could have done better than that I think. Overall the film concept is AMAZING but they didn't jump into it very well, a lot of crap goes on that is just unnecessary.

Reviewed by Horror_Metal 7 / 10 / 10

A truly underrated Godzilla flick

I'll never understand why this one gets so much crap. It's not the best but far from the worst, and easily one of the most entertaining entries in the series. It's definitely a huge improvement over the previous two films, that's for sure. Gigan is just freaking awesome, probably my third favorite villain monster (next to King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla) that Godzilla has fought. Having him team up with Ghidorah was a great idea and the two of the made for a truly frightening and deadly pair. I also really love how Anguirus is clearly outmatched yet he never gives up fighting by Godzilla's side. This one also has a lot of action and monster battles, whereas most other entries have way too much talking and overly long scenes with scientists/police/military sitting around in a board room. Hell, I even enjoyed the human characters a lot, that long haired chubby guy was hilarious. And the evil alien cockroach people made for great bad guys as well. Honestly, I don't know what the people who constantly bash this film were expecting, because it pretty much delivered everything you could want from a giant monster movie. I wouldn't put in in my top five best Godzilla films, but it's far from the worst and way better than everyone says.

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