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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sagarhirani 9 / 10 / 10

Mature, funny, thought provoking, yet light hearted

I never knew Neville Shah as a comedian. I only knew him as the guy who sometimes sits in on the SnG Big Question podcasts, and more recently, one fourth of the 'The Internet Said So' podcasts on Varun thakur's YouTube channel. I never really thought he was a very funny guy, nor did I feel inclined to watch his specials. But man oh man, how wrong was I. This special is something that I have failed to witness in Indian comics. There are hundreds of comics, good and bad, with tens of different performing style, but there's none like Neville Shah. He talks about things that happened in his life that are dark, depressing, and dull. Things that people don't want to talk about, and things that make them uncomfortable to discuss. But Neville does it with finesse, and manages to get a lot of laughs out of it too. The style of some of the dark jokes was very Louis CK-ish, which is high praise. There are not a lot of comics out there in India who go for a dark theme of comedy, because our people run away from their problems, or subjects that involves getting out of the comfort zone. That is the reason why I really loved this special more than anything else that I've watched in the last year. It was funny, insightful, dark, and thought provoking. Neville touched on topics that were very personal to him, and made sure that nobody ever felt uncomfortable laughing at his misery. Kudos to Neville, and - 1 to me for ever doubting this man. I give him 9 here because there were a few parts where he could have gone for better one liners, but overall it was really funny, and deserves a 9.

Reviewed by ghonsesushil 9 / 10 / 10

A rare piece of art in the genre of stand-up comedy!

Highly underrated stand up special by Neville Shah which is surprisingly way, way, wayyy better than his previous special. Full packed with his past experiences, Neville comes out in the best way possible in expressing his thoughts over a particular situation with his practical thought process. I watched this special twice and will watch it again if time permits. If you find 'Going Downhill' boring then you should check yourself to a doctor for an IQ test. We love you craziebawa!

Reviewed by manabrockz 9 / 10 / 10

The plot description actually matches

It is dark, kind of taboo but even if so, you can tell that it is also realistic. There are many dark things running in our mind that we usually don't express. The comedians who makess dark joke uses such stuffs and Nevile had done a great job. It wasn't forced, creepy , gross or sad but in a very different conversation it might have felt like that. Overall it was light-hearted at the most. It is anecdotal ,dark and great. You will also love his attitude too.

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