Good Dick


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Jason Ritter as The Man
Katherine Waterston as Katherine
Martin Starr as Simon
Seth Gabel as Kissing Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wingedheartart 6 / 10 / 10

Difficult, but good

I always check the spoiler box, just in case. There was one comment that said something like he/she was sure out of all the people in this world, that there were probably people like those in the movie. Well. More than a few. I mean, unless I am WAY off here, I figured out the minute she was looking at photos of a little girl (herself) that her dad had to have done something physical to her. Thus, the guilt and control he felt/had over her...with the apartment, money, criticisms. I've known TOO many women who have been molested by uncles, grandfathers, brothers, neighbors...and no, I haven't worked in a crisis center. Just women I've met over the years. So, her extreme introversion and warped view of sex and love and the dirtiness of a male member....all fits with a woman who was molested by someone....most likely someone she trusted or should have been able to trust. This was a difficult movie to watch. Because I am a woman, I've known so many who were hurt, changed forever from the person they were MEANT to be. Jason Ritter was really good. Vulnerable, persistent, loving. He reminded me of his dad at times...sweet eyes. Enjoy the movie...if you know someone who was hurt/molested as a wary and love them despite their scars. Just a suggestion. :)

Reviewed by pinkpixikiss 9 / 10 / 10

Real life issues brought to life

I saw this movie last night at the Birmingham Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival during the encore showing and really just fell in love with it. The plot was in depth, the characters were amazing, and while some parts of the movie would keep you laughing, there was a deeper meaning hidden in the movie that was very moving. I think everyone watching the movie could find a certain aspect of a character, situation, argument, etc, that they could connect with. The movie put real life issues that many struggle with in perspective. It was not sugar coated or over done but was reality. I loved everything about it and would love to see it again.

Reviewed by adamaant 9 / 10 / 10

It's actually very realistic

I'm a man and I just got out of a relationship very similar to the one pictured in this movie. From the sexual issues to the angry defensiveness. I can also relate to him in how he knew that underneath it she did love him, or care about him, that she had something that was holding her back. I can say that relationships like this are next to impossible though. Lucky for them both she decided to face her issues and that may have lead to something real. I would guess more often someone faced with these kind of emotional problems will end up losing to the problem rather than having it work out. My heart went out to both characters, but it was very hard to watch at times because I can remember times when my ex would say things to me like the character in the movie. And I tried for months to help her or move beyond our issues. Anyway great movie. I love Jason Ritter. Another good movie with him which he plays an utterly different kind of character is the education of Charlie Banks.

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