Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!


Comedy / Drama / Family

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Abbie Cobb as Mira
Bridgit Mendler as Olivia
Leigh-Allyn Baker as Aunt Jackie
Mia Talerico as Charlie Duncan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OmegaVenomous 2 / 10 / 10

I Didn't Really Enjoy It

Honestly, I didn't like it. There was no laugh track, and overall, it was awful. It was a very cliché Christmas movie. So basically, here's the plot. The Duncans are going to be going on a Christmas trip over to the kid's grandparents on Amy's side of the family. Amy, who is overreacting about a family tradition of a Christmas star, is upset that they won't do the star tradition since they're going to the kid's grandparents in Palm Springs. Than, she starts acting like a 7 year old when Teddy says it's just a star or something. Than, she asks PJ to tell her how important the Christmas star is. Than, I forget what happens, but it was something where he didn't care or something. Than, Bob suddenly gets home, and than Amy asks Bob to tell Teddy how important the Christmas tree star is. Than, Bob justs says that the star is important, and that was about it. And after that, Amy goes into Gabe's room, seeing he is playing his Christmas present. She doesn't immediately ask him why he is playing it, and than she says, "Gabe"? But he doesn't listen. Than, Amy says that a few more times, but he still doesn't listen. And after that, she blocks his screen. Than some video game Christmas present shenanigans go on, and than she asks him is the Christmas star is important. And he says something like, "Yes it is. Why don't I tell everyone? In fact, why don't I call strangers and tell them?" And she is pleased with him, and than Gabe asks if he can take his game system with him. And Amy says no, and than she walks out of the room. Than he says (oh gosh I am going to hate myself typing in this curse word) and he whispers, "Damn it!" SERIOUSLY? How, and why? Disney needs to clean up their act. Seriously, a 10 year old with that kind of vulgar language? Wow, just wow. And the rest of the movie, it was just disappointing. Good job, Disney, you made another horrible movie.

Reviewed by mischievouslyradiant 7 / 10 / 10

I thought it was great

The show is funny, and I LOVE it, but it was so nice to not hear any laugh tracks. I thought this movie was great, personally speaking. I especially loved the airport scenes, Amy and Teddy's trip and the singing scenes (it was them fighting for the spotlight, so to speak, to earn money for food), the war games, and the ending. I can't believe anyone would call this, "garbage." It's totally not unoriginal, or there would be a movie exactly the same (even the lines of the script, the amount of siblings, the same personality among the siblings and parents, and grandparents, and even Amy and Teddy's trip in winter in a junkie car and then with a weird alien-abducted couple going to Vegas for an alien convention or whatever).

Reviewed by cowface17 7 / 10 / 10

Pretty Good

I feel like this was a great movie, though it was a bit unrealistic. I have to admit the series is much better than the movie. During the movie I feel like there were many unnecessary parts and a few irritating parts. One part that I feel was annoying is when Amy and Teddy hitchhiked with those strangers who thought that Amy and Teddy were aliens. I feel that they made that part a bit long, it kind of irritated me. Another part that I thought was dumb was how Amy's parents locked Gabe, PJ, and Bob in a room. Although it was funny, Bob is a grown man and it was dumb that he let himself get locked in a room by his wife's mom. Amy's mom is a very unlikable character, as well. You feel like you want to punch her. The last thing I did not like about the movie is how they revealed that Amy was pregnant. I am not saying it was a bad idea to do that but by doing that they are kind of changing the point of the T.V series: CHARLIE! Other than these things, the movie was great. The movie was entertaining and funny. They also did a good job of not making the movie cheesy. Most T.V shows and movies on Disney are very cheesy. The movie was very exciting and it made you want to see more. I loved the part where Bob, Gabe and PJ started to fight in a war zone with paint balls. The main reason I loved this movie is that the whole family was working together to get Amy and Teddy to Palm Springs. It was about the entire FAMILY! Something we never see on Disney. The movie was unpredictable which made it exciting, and the acting was great. Finally this is a great family movie for you and your kids/ younger siblings would enjoy. This is appropriate for all ages. Overall, GREAT!

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