Gorky Park


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
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Brian Dennehy as Jimmy Horn
Ian McDiarmid as Dr. Eli Eon
Lee Marvin as Bill Masters
William Hurt as Paul Benjamin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mike dewey 9 / 10 / 10

...one day, Arkasha, one day!

A very unique, fast moving and entertaining story about political and criminal intrigue in Cold War (real cold, just watch the movie!) Russia. The grisly murder of three young people sends our protagonist, Inspector Arkady Renko (W. Hurt), on a complex, intertwining mission to find out who and/or what was behind this dastardly crime. As the crime facts unfold, potential suspects begin to surface in the mind of the inspector, suspects that may include American collusion with KGB officials. Maybe not entirely novel on the surface, but the sequences of events and the characterizations set forth are anything but pedestrian. Perhaps the sequences of the facial reconstruction of the 3 victims "de-skinned" facial bones and the subsequent deductions provide the impetus for an unusual plot setting. The involvement of the American cop (B. Dennehy), the Siberian beauty and romantic interest (J. Pacula) who wants out of her homeland, the rich American (L. Marvin), the inspector's police buddies, to name a few, provide more than mere tangential plot fodder: the sum of their actions coalesces in the inspector's mind and takes him closer yet to what could be a very inconvenient truth. All this is done cinematically with good pace and little wasted motion. It is noteworthy that most of the so-called Russians are British Isles actors who maintain their native brogue while donning the usual Kossack-like apparel! Yet their histrionic adeptness suffers not and their characterizations come off well. After all, we've seen this type of casting done before, but I don't think we could pull this off in modern Russia. Instead of filming in Finland with British actors, we would be filming in Moscow or St. Pete with Russian actors. Any additional reviewing will get me into the "spoiler" category, so I'll just sign off by saying see the movie. To me, it is William Hurt's best!

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10 / 10

A Peek At New Mother Russia

Though the story does drag a bit in the telling, Gorky Park is a good look at what turned out to be the birth of post Soviet Union Russia. First and foremost Gorky Park is a murder mystery, despite the politics. That's what William Hurt is all about, he's for want of an American term, a homicide cop with the Moscow PD. He's been handed a nasty triple homicide, three young people, two men and a woman whose faces and finger prints were mutilated making identification a challenge. Of course this was done for a reason and soon Hurt finds himself up to his neck in a turf struggle with the Soviet KGB. There's an American businessman played by Lee Marvin who's in the mix as well as Russian pathologist Ian Bannen and an American homicide cop Brian Dennehy. Hurt also gets involved romantically with Soviet dissident Joanna Pacula and it turns out she's the key to the whole case. The film was shot in Stockholm, Helsinki, and Glasgow all cold climate cities that serve very well as location stand ins for Moscow. Best in the film is Lee Marvin who went back to playing bad guys as he did in his early years for this one. In the turf struggle depicted between the Moscow Police and the KGB you see a whole lot of issues talked about and you can see why the Soviet Union fell apart as it did. Too bad the story couldn't have been better told in a tighter screenplay.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 6 / 10 / 10

There's something truly evil lurking in the snowy parks of Moscow.

Something truly hideous is being hidden under snowy graves, and from where it came, from who put it there, and why sustains this mystery set in communist Moscow. For militia officer William Hurt, the discovery of three dead bodies with the faces removed is a horrific sight, and hoping that the KGB will take the case off of his hands proves false. The presence of two Americans (Lee Marvin and Brian Dennehy) adds more mystery to the case, with Dennehy blaming Hurt for killing his brother and Marvin somehow connected in ways that Hurt can only guess.Every time he seems closer to solving the case, a key witness or partner is brutally murdered, leaving only a beautiful Russian girl (Joanna Pacula) as a key witness. This intriguing but convoluted thriller keeps your attention but can get rather frustrating as it twists until it really begins to get painful. The Russian location shooting is beautiful (everything there seems huge!), and even in just speaking English with slight accents, the American actors playing Russians are believable. Marvin, playing a rather perverted character, is commanding, especially when discussing his love of sable, Hurt is understandably perplexed and disgusted, and Dennehy shows how to non-act and maintain your attention even when not saying a word. Pacula, as well, is interesting, and its obvious that everyone under Michael Apted's direction was challenged by the material. However, it has an ugly premise and the convoluted motivations just don't gel when all is revealed. This is the type of film that you might view once, but afterwards file it away to never pick up again.

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