Gosford Park


Comedy / Drama / Mystery

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Clive Owen as Joe Warr
Helen Mirren as Sofya
Maggie Smith as Duchess of York
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by georgemiller-61377 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent period recreation, in both meanings of the word, with one exception

A great film, one of the few which can be seen many times, in which an Agatha Christie-like thriller mixes with personal drama, both above and below stairs, in a well-observed and authentically reproduced period setting. The only false note -- but a jarring one -- is in the miscasting of Steven Fry, that bonne à tout faire (do accept this expression, it's French, but international, you see, and appropriate for other reasons) of the entertainment industry, as Inspector Thompson. Fry seems to think he's in a kind of music hall gag, where he plays a caricature of a bumbling police inspector, half Clouseau and half English class distinction (milk into teacup after, not before, tea), and keeps reminding everyone of his name, as a tired joke. Watching performers such as Maggie Smith, or the excellent Eileen Atkins, as well as many other distinguished members of the cast, is always rewarding, but Fry's appearances are best glossed over as quickly as possible, as they reduce the film's quality. How Altman could have made this mistake is hard to understand.

Reviewed by Myriam Nys 8 / 10 / 10

Agatha Christie's world, reviewed and revisited for a modern audience

A sharp, almost merciless criticism of English aristocracy circa 1930 (give or take a year or so). This is an homage to the world of the Great Dame, although an homage with an unusually astute and satirical bite. The movie dissects the English upper class with all the methodical coldness of a vivisectionist, and the results aren't pretty : it becomes clear that concepts like "patriotism", "tradition" or "inheritance" are just convenient smokescreens behind which the powerful rich bamboozle and exploit the powerless poor. Still, I'd like to point out (and this might come as a bit of a surprise to the makers of the movie) that one doesn't have to be English, rich and/or aristocratic in order to be decadent. A few decades ago a friend of mine, who is a tax inspector of a specific kind, paid a routine visit to a citizen, in order to verify his activities and administration. Within the space of an hour, she discovered a) that the man ruled a live-in harem of women from Vietnam or Thailand ("my tiny ivory beauties") b) while carrying on with both male and female neighbors. The man also had a large number of relatives, step-relatives and in-laws, most of whom were involved in illicit relationships of stunning complexity. The said citizen tried to ply my friend with cognac, ecstasy and weed ; eventually he became so insistent that she had to flee through a kitchen door. We're not talking British barons here, we're talking small-town artisans in Belgium. But I digress. Judged as a mystery or detective movie, "Gosford Park" might have benefited from some additional twists or red herrings. The movie boasts a dream cast, but that doesn't mean that all performances are stellar : the quality is uneven, ranging from superb to "God, what am I doing here, I'll just try to wing it for a couple of days and then it's back to home sweet home in order to fire my agent". (Stephen Fry seems particularly lost.) On the other hand, the various locations, costumes and props are delightful and convincing. Trampling on the faces of the innocent has rarely looked so good.

Reviewed by Maria Trim 8 / 10 / 10

A mish mash of different Genres, never settling on one

I was looking forward to this, and bought the DVD and when it arrived was full of excitement to see it, because it had such great reviews. Perhaps i was spoilt as i had not long binge watched, downton abbey, upstairs downstairs 1976 and the recent one in 2010 set in the same period as Gosford Park. I found the beginning so confusing. It took me a little while to understand what was going on and ages to realise that Sir William had a daughter it got kind of lost in confusion, the only saving grace for me was Maggie Smith. The plot slowly and agonisingly started to develop BUT 3/4 way in i wondered what I was watching. Was it meant to be serious? The same old banal issues with upstairs downstairs servants v masters etc. I likened it to: Downton Abbey Upstairs Downstairs 13 for Dinner by Agatha Christie Nancy Drew (the young maid worked it out) Inspector Clouseau (the bungling inspector played by Colin Fry) I did giggle at Colin Fry. I struggled to believe a maid would get a blouse dry if washed by hand at midnight so she could witness the randy maid with a member of aristocracy making nooky over a kitchen table. Since when did Americans have Valets Henry Denton was obviously playing a part? Lady Sylvia has an assignation with him and a glass of hot milk, yawn. I am sorry I really didn't enjoy it, it was so drawn out and confusing it did not keep my attention, and when Sir William was killed i thought oh goody something has happened. Its only then we find out that Sir William was a profiteer in the war and made woopee with the workers and had numerous children one of whom was a valet to one of the visitors at the shoot, and it turned out although he thought his mother had died she was actually Mrs Wilson the housekeeper who saw the photo of herself when she was young, and realised he was her son, but didn't bother to reveal herself. The only saving grace was Mary who worked for the countess of trentham (Maggie Smith) and Elise. I really did try to like this but alas it just made me switch off my brain. I think its because I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be, serious, funny, mystery it never seemed to find its place.

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