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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pavan_Daggupati 7 / 10 / 10

Foreign 'Manavadu'

A Decent family entertainer with right mix of all emotions. The main story was simple. The film would have done wonders if the main plot was 'a bit more from the usual' which may have kept the viewers guessing. Still it was okay though and the subplots were interesting. Ram Charan and Prakash Raj performances, Srikanth Characterization were terrific and the touching Climax lifted the movie to big level. Gulabi song was well shot. Cinematography was exceptional. Editing should have been better. An Important film for Ram Charan and a big relief for people who want to escape from mindless heroism and Brahmi comedy.

Reviewed by Vihari_Krishna 6 / 10 / 10

Partly Entertaining

Story - If you are an avid fan of Telugu movies, you might have watched "Seetharamayya gari Manavaraalu" (Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Meena and Rohini Hattangadi) by now. Same story, except that here it is going to be "Manavadu". Performances - Ram Charan tried a different role, at-least different to his territory. He sported a different look. And, he also tried to act, which is where all his efforts went futile some what. He did only partial justice to his role. He didn't emote well in the climax. Kajal is restricted to skin show and she hardly gets any chance to sparkle. Prakash Raj gets a vital role and he is just perfect. He performed extremely well in climax. Performances by Jayasudha and Srikanth are spot-on. Rest are fine. Music - Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, though not so good as stand alone pieces, gels well with movie. His background score is very nice, as usual. Other Departments - Cinematography must get the highest score among the technical crew. Every frame looks like a painting. Editing is not up-to the mark. Art work is excellent. Dialogues are nice. Producer, Bandla Ganesh must be appreciated for high production values, as every frame appears rich and colorful. Story, Screenplay & Direction - Krishna Vamsi is notorious for choosing nice script, spoiling it by cheap first half (Over exposing by heroine) and then bouncing back with extraordinary narration in second half. But here, neither the script is interesting/novel nor the second half is extraordinary. As usual, his picturisation of songs acts as a barrier between family crowds and the theater. Direction is good. On a whole, this is NOT a kind of movie, you would expect from a director of Krishna Vamsi's standard. It doesn't match the brilliance of "Murari" even, forget about comparing with "Ninne Pelladatha" (which is still considered his best movie). It is only partly entertaining. There is a thin line between romance and vulgarity and I'm afraid, Krishna Vamsi always lands up in the latter one. How could families watch if there is so much of exposing and vulgarity ??? Directors must always stick to the plot. If you want to make a family movie... Make one sans over exposing and double meaning dialogues. But not of this kind. Anyway, watch it only if 1) you are a fan of Ram Charan and Krishna Vamsi (or) 2) you have not watched "Seetharamayya gari Manavaraalu", which is a classic by the way.

Reviewed by srinivasv-73102 6 / 10 / 10

Family drama exactly done

family drama with godavari backdrop is always plus when it comes to any director for the reason.It has the best characters of prakash raj and jayasudha they are quite in cohesion Climax as expected in many telugu family films overall the movie is good.Not too much comedy track but good with Srikanth he has done good job.Music is also fine at right points.

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