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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by memora23000 1 / 10 / 10

What was the point?

This movie has absolutely no reason for existing. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

Reviewed by christianhboschult 1 / 10 / 10

Give it a chance

I get it, people think the movie is boring, but the dialogue is interesting. The characters aren't completely undeveloped, either. Cam is always unquestioningly helping her fiancé Austin, who shows no appreciation. And as a result, Cam treats others the same way. This comes up a couple times in the movie. Cam's friend Jinky, who may have issues with dependency on weed, sees herself as a superhero of sorts, telling Cam that she needs her help. Later, Jinky imagines clones of herself taking over the world. It's also clear that she's not super happy with her lot in life. She works at a convenience store but after smoking too much weed, she says she works for the UN. The movie touches on weed's dark side also, specifically the paranoia and forgetfulness. After smoking WAY TOO MUCH pot, the characters begin freaking out, and deal with their own existential crises. But it's never clear if they're paranoid from smoking too much weed, or if the weed is laced with another drug. And then the pizza comes. This is one of my favorite parts. The movie does a good job of getting the viewer to forget about the characters ordering pizza earlier in the movie, and then it just shows up. (Similar to a stoner forgetting about something they did just a half hour earlier.) Finally, despite all the drama that ensues because of the weed, Cam realizes she needs to break up with her fiancé, in part because of the epiphany she had while smoking weed. So for what it's worth, the movie has a good ending and delivers a good representation of the ups and downs of smoking weed.

Reviewed by TtheFG 1 / 10 / 10

Complete and utter garbage.

This movie is the epitome of a Sundance trash heap.

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