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Michael Biehn as Henry Gates
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Stockard Channing as Vivian Claremont
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amheretojudge 8 / 10 / 10

don't talk that way..

Grease Grease is a fresh script that came out of this bubbly and gay bakery that feeds and fulfils each and every need of the youngster and if not anything the songs definitely has to work.

Reviewed by rekcilorf 10 / 10 / 10

Overblown and overrated

I can't believe the incredible raves this travesty has received I saw the original stage play in the mid-70's and it was nostalgic, understated and even a bit quaint by today's standards. This film exaggerates all of the story and characters. The only part I really liked was "Summer days, summer nights" which was staged beautifully and brilliantly. But the rest -- ugh! Some reviewers did point out that all the "teens" were in their 20's and even 30's. This is not unusual -- remember 90210? Some did complain about the sexual innuendos, but what teen movie doesn't deal with sex? Teens have sex, whether their adults like it or not. It's part of growing up. One other difference from the play is the slutty makeover of Sandy, which was not in the original. Other gripes include the prom dance. What school would let girls in high heels dance of the gym floor? My high school dances were in the cafeteria with tile floors. And no high schoolers I ever knew danced like these kids. Much too choreographed to be real. Sorry folks! This is just one, big bomb!

Reviewed by marylandflower 10 / 10 / 10

A must watch

The movie Grease is a required viewing for me. The way the movie plays out is done very well. Olivia Newton-John plays Sandy very well, portrays her as the innocent person that she is. While John Travolta plays the bad boy Danny and does that very well. Aside from the fact that the movie was made a while so it is a little weird, it is still good. As a teenager it portrayed what being in high school is really like. Everyone cares what you think and does whatever it takes to fit in. Also the music in it is very genius. They got people who could hit the high notes. Some people that you cast in musicals could not hit the high notes. The movie has a lot of sexual innuendos which pull people in and if they are in high school like me provide a little laugh. The music is brilliant especially the song "Hopelessly Devoted" because it explains exactly how a girl feels about her crush in high school and how bad it can get when you like someone that much. "You're the one that I want" is also a very good song because it shows that in the end some people can get together if you have a strong enough connection. Even with the fitting in, Sandy just wants friends not so much fitting in just wants to make some friends out of the whole experience. Frenchie later decided that she wanted to follow her dreams, but in the friend group no one ended up caring about that anymore. The movie does deal with some serious topics. As in people wanting to have sex so that they can fit in is a huge problem. Rizzo faces maybe going to lose her friends if she does not have sex it shows this vulnerable side of her that we had not seen in the rest of the movie. I don't think that Rizzo knew exactly what would be the consequences if she went through with this only thinking about the friends that she wanted to keep made her do that. The fact about doing that to fit in was okay shows the difference between high school then and then you see now where it has that, but has been amplified and worse. I feel that Grease can tell a story about the hardships, great ending or not it still shows the struggle of what you have to do if you care about someone enough. Sandy and Danny they were a couple I doubted a lot but they ended up fighting and were able to come through with so much experience. Even though the friends may have judged them they still liked each other enough to make it work. I feel that all the pressure put on can fall off if you watch this movie you can see people that really care about you versus who is using you. It is hard for people to see who is there.

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