Great Day in the Morning


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Western

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Leo Gordon as Zeff Masterson
Regis Toomey as Father Murphy
Robert Stack as Self
Ruth Roman as Boston Grant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tmwest 7 / 10 / 10

unconditional love or a love that works both ways?

Jacques Tourneur had the talent for westerns to be like Anthony Mann or Budd Boetticher, but somehow something was missing in the script or the budget. This film starts very well showing the conflicts between people in Denver when the Civil War is just about to start. In a kind of incredible card game Owen Pentecost (Robert Stack) wins the saloon from Jumbo Means (Raymond Burr), He also gets involved with the men from the South, who want to take gold to the future Confederate army. But mostly, this is a romantic western, and here it excels with two of the most beautiful actresses of the fifties, Virginia Mayo and Ruth Roman. Virginia is Ann, a kind of cold beauty, who loves Owen, but at the same time hates him for his tough and selfish way of being. Ruth Roman is Boston, who is madly in love with Owen. Roman steals the film from Virginia, but whoever saw Mayo in Colorado Territory or Across the great Divide knows how great she can be. The high point of the film is when both women have an argument about the way they love Owen, Boston with unconditional love, and Ann with a love that has to work both ways.

Reviewed by funkyfry 7 / 10 / 10

Superior western by Tourneur

This western starring the inimitable Robert Stack is quite good, overcoming a somewhat weak and syrupy script, which nonetheless contains some classic lines (my favorite is: When I first stepped out into the world, a drunkard took one look at me and shouted: 'the elephant is loose!' since then, an elephant has been my good luck charm. What's the secret to your remarkable charm? ANSWER: A complete indifference to Elephants.") Not Jacques Tourneur's best film, but his direction is good and the technicolor outdoor fight sequences (especially the dramatic opening sequence, similar to that in Johnny Guitar) are beautiful.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10 / 10

Another Shipment Of Southern Gold

In the last days of RKO and Republic Pictures with the B western having gone on to television, the westerns that those two small studios were putting out were not for the kiddie Saturday afternoon trade. Great Day In The Morning is a western with a few adult themes thrown in, Robert Stack is most definitely not bashful around the women, he won't be satisfied kissing his horse. The plot Great Day In The Morning takes place at the beginning of the Civil War. The film has plot elements of three classic westerns, Hondo, Virginia City, and The Far Country. Robert Stack's character of Owen Pentecost is a whole lot like James Stewart in The Far Country. Stack is a southerner, but he's not doing anything for the newborn Confederacy without being well paid. As for the women, Stack has two to choose from, pioneer lass Virginia Mayo and saloon girl Ruth Roman. In fact Ruth Roman is playing pretty much the same part she did in The Far Country. Like in Hondo, Stack is forced into a gunfight with a recalcitrant miner and later on winds up taking the miner's son David MacDonald under his wing. And of course like Virginia City it's all about that Southern gold only here the southerners are the good guys. Not all the northerners are bad like regular army colonel Carleton Young and Captain Alex Nicol, but the two chief villains are Roman's partner Raymond Burr and hotheaded former army sergeant Leo Gordon. Burr is an especially hateful character, he's got two things he hates Stack for, politics and the fact Stack's beating Burr's time with Roman. Burr was always a big heavy man, I met him during the early Eighties in New York, but in his early days he kept his weight down to some degree, if you've seen the original Perry Mason series you well remember that. But here to play the part of a character named Jumbo and he's as big here as I remember seeing him in person and in the later Perry Mason films. In fact Raymond Burr's performance is the most memorable one in Great Day In The Morning. There's enough action for the traditional western fan, but there's a lot of sex in Great Day In The Morning as well. Jacques Tourneur keeps the film going at a good clip. Both traditional western fans and those who favored the adult western soon to be popping up on television will like Great Day In The Morning.

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