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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rochfordsimon 3 / 10 / 10

Long and agenda ridden. No likeable characters or clear cut message.

Starts off interesting and like a biopic. Then switches to another theme of wealth, greed and ego in the upper class. Then switches to justified murder. Finally ending as a fluff piece of how one particular gender is a taken advantage off by the other. Waste of a potentially good film. It's ok for children to rob and steal, it's ok to illegally squat on public property and it's ok to murder a rich snob and it's ok to accept how the how the wealthy take advantage of the legal systems in international societies. That whole film is based on this...but in the end credits it tells a different story of financial corruption against women in sweat shops. And how 9 out of 10 billionaires are men? That wasn't expressed in the actual film footage.

Reviewed by torrascotia 4 / 10 / 10

A middle class guilt trip.

This has to be Winter bottoms worst. Fans of his cannon are likely to be disappointed with Greed and it's very clumsy bash you over the head "message". It's a thinly veiled attacked on a well-known fashion chain owner in the UK as is a kind of a wish phantasy of what the director would probably like to do to him. The film is well shot but it's basically just 90 mins of the main character being unlikeable, with a few funny lines from Coogan. It was only the fact that Coogan was in this and I expected a certain level of humour from him that kept me watching. The trouble was this isn't the Coogan from The Trip or Partridge it's political Coogan who made himself look stupid during Brexit. This is obvious a political film but it's the politics of the out of touch rich elite. It's the kind of people who are very well off themselves but think that a shop chain owner is the devil. These are the same people who happily dismiss those who voted for Brexit as stupid (there's actually a Brexit joke in the movie) as being stupid. However the poor from another country are seen as exploited saints. And thats where this movie falls flat on its face. It's hypocritical. The ending is basically wish fulfillment for the loser left who voted Corbyn and Remain. This will only play well to the well off who despise the working class in the UK as much as they have those with more money than them. Anticapitalism at it's worst and it wasn't even funny. Apparently murder is ok as well as long as someone has more cash and is an unpleasant character.

Reviewed by davedavidedwards 4 / 10 / 10

Coogan is excellent, but the film is too simplistic with the preachy message

Steve Coogan gives a great performance as ever, but the rest of the film didn't quite hold it together. The message Winterbottom was trying to engage the audience with became too preachy, particularly the end montage of statistics aimed at shaming the fashion industry and its use of sweatshop labour. This was wholly unnecessary as the story made this point without this tacked on piece of activism. The CGI lion was also disappointing, as was the general direction of the story, and many of the characters felt under-developed and derivative. It was all a bit too obvious, and very simplistic in its outlook. We all know that the very wealthy and powerful mostly made that wealth through ruthlessness, this is an old, tired narrative now.

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