Green for Danger


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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Alastair Sim as Hawkins
Leo Genn as Lord Wessex
Trevor Howard as Walter Morel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by henfish 8 / 10 / 10

The Marvellous Sim Steals The First Of Many Movies

Green For Danger (and how cheeky is THAT title!) is a bravura example of simplicity in the art of movie making. It's a rural whodunnit set in WWII (it was nearly banned in case it frightened soldiers from going to hospital!) wherein a small group of medical professionals soon discover there is a murderer in their midsts after the homicide of a soldier. Enter a Scotland Yard Inspector (Sim) to tidy up the loose ends and swiftly solve the case - before handing in his resignation!!! This film, despite its whimsical charm, is replete with fine examples of every film-making ingredient. The acting (though a tad stiff) is dead on the ball; the dialogue is always precise and frequently ingenious (Sim's music hall gag about impurities...); the editing is never less than effective and the direction and cinematography constantly inspired (the mood and lighting for the second murder is awesome). It is clear from this type of gem that the ingredients of cinematic success are not always excessive ones - unless it is an excess of skill and talent; and this film has that in abundance. On top of this it also has the gorgon-eyed brilliance of Alistair Sim: a man late to his profession but BOY did he make up for it! Check out his delivery in this film and his constantly out-of-kilter (and surely spontaneous) body language. He is an actor relishing being the fulcrum of every scene he's in - and even those he isn't: The night-time scene in the woods being a perfect example of his equal gift for comedy and scene stealing. And he still makes me laugh out loud!

Reviewed by phil-small 10 / 10 / 10

a dark delicious movie

With its darkly atmospheric tones,Green for danger works extremely well.The second murder is incredibly well shot with scenes reminiscent of 'I walked with a Zombie',the noise & movement caused by wind being particularly effective.A stellar cast interact perfectly with a special mention for Sally Gray,on her first role after a 5 year break due to 'a mental breakdown',comes across as a glacial goddess.I'm not worthy.Alistair Sim's lugubrious narration provides a perfect framing device building a sense of anticipation and atmosphere.I don't find the movie slow and I was surprised that people find it 'talkie',maybe its modern audiences with their legendary short attention span!

Reviewed by simon_sparrow 10 / 10 / 10

Whimsical mystery with Sim, Howard, and Gray in top form

From the opening words of Sim's narration, mystery lovers understand that they are in store for a whimsical treat. Who is the murderer in the operating theatre? Sally Gray and Trevor Howard also deliver vivid portrayals of most interesting characters. Leo Genn also adds a nice bit as a head surgeon who is a bit of a lothario. This is marvelous entertainment.

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