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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 6 / 10 / 10

Well Acted But Lacking Substance

A former British serviceman blinded in action loses his guide dog And that's the plot of this gloomy British drama . Reading the brief summary it's a case of that particularly recent British phenomena known as "Grief whoring" . Ah the good old days of this when young soldiers would be killed in Afghanistan and massed crowds would gather with individuals having a contest to see who could wail the loudest on behalf of a dead person they had never met . I don't want to sound all nasty and cynical but I've always found this a very unhealthy and worst of all hypocritical attitude and one wonders what these people do with their free time now that NATO involvement is over and more crucially the TV cameras are no longer at Wootan Basset ? Like I said I'll try not to be too cynical and in its favour GREYHAWK doesn't go overboard with tear stained teeth gnashing and other manipulative tricks . Director Mike Pitt and screenwriter Matt Pitt have made a relatively poignant film centered around a rather unsympathetic protagonist .Mal played by Alec Newman and written and played so that Mal never comes across as a victim . Instead he is understandably a bitter and twisted man Also to be fair to the production team for a film lasting an hour and a half with an absolute threadbare , wafer thin premise everyone has been able to do the very best they can do and the film does have genuine social consciousness about it . The downside is that it also shows the need that if you're making a feature length film you need a strong plot to drive it so as something that would have worked as an excellent short film just becomes an average feature length one

Reviewed by euroGary 2 / 10 / 10

How one man copes with an unimaginable situation

'Greyhawk' has Alec Newman (lately seen in the BBC's 'Waterloo Road') as Mal, a blinded ex-soldier. A walking attitude, he drinks in the pub where a well-meaning elderly man (Jack Shepherd, 'Wycliffe') bores him; he pays for a prostitute; he has to cope with bullying local youths. Through all this his constant companion is his guide dog, a labrador called Quince. But one day, while Mal is throwing a ball for Quince on the socially-deprived Greyhawk council estate, the dog doesn't come back. I decided to watch this film because the situation sounded so desperate: a blind man having to search for his guide dog. How would I cope in such a situation? I hope I'd realise that people are more willing to help if you treat them with respect; Mal just goes around grousing at everyone - okay, he has reason to, but it doesn't make him a very sympathetic hero. Newman is sighted, and perhaps the film would have had more resonance with a blind actor in the lead role, although I can appreciate the logistical difficulties that may have caused. As it is, with attacks on guide dogs being increasingly reported in the UK, the film is at least very timely.

Reviewed by pipbaldwin 2 / 10 / 10

A two hour film about a man looking for his dog.

I don't wish to sound flippant - and I am sure that on some level this film tries to comment about society and it's treatment of those with disabilities and/or ex-service personnel - but it basically is a 2 hour film about a man looking for a dog. If you want to spend 2 hours watching a blind man looking for a guide dog then this is for you, if not then this may not be your film. The main character is a little two dimensional to evoke the empathy required to carry off such a simple plot line. Not for me.

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