Grown Ups 2

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Adam Sandler as Javier Sandooski
Alexander Ludwig as Chris Briggs
Halston Sage as Tasha
Salma Hayek as Donna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bondjames_0073 1 / 10 / 10

Make a sequel to a movie that failed

Why not, well at least, I think you did not insult any other culture, in this one which is amazing because you seem to need to make fun of people and their quirks. The problem is, you talk to yourself in a mirror and you convince yourself that it is funny when reality it is not. You SERIOUSLY need to start consulting REAL comedians before you make another movie. What you think is funny is not. Hey, not picking on you but check the mirror, hit movie, Happy Gilmore, you made fun of yourself, Just Go With It, great movie great soundtrack, but the nose, do you think audiences are stupid, and you make fun of a musician with a goatee. Whenever you poke, you lose the movie, so pick on Americans and yourself, because your greatest successes have come from that. STOP pissing off cultures.

Reviewed by gokulchandanirinkesh 1 / 10 / 10

No Story At All!

This movie didn't have a story at all.All the movie had was fun,wildness,etc.The first part of Grown Ups was at least better than this.Surely disappointed with this one.The 3/10 is just for the fun and the comedy nothing else.I don't how they make movies like this with such confidence that the people would like it.The fun part was good but at least they should understand that the audience expects a story.

Reviewed by roryluff 1 / 10 / 10


The definition of an awful film. No structures, the jokes were painfully bad, and the acting was equally terrible. But then again, it's an Adam Sandler and Paul Blart film, and being a sequel of a pretty average film, I wasn't expecting much either. 1 star out of 10, for sure.

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