Guest of Honour



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David Thewlis as Father
Gage Munroe as Dougie
Luke Wilson as Delinko
Rossif Sutherland as Dr. Chevain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Irena_Spa 5 / 10 / 10


The usual melodrama by Egoyan. He wanted to show something new, but he didn't. Some of the segments have already been seen before in his work. Also, there are disadvantages in his story as it is that the main character, Jim, had never visited the church, said by his daughter, and at the end there is a notice said by the priest that he was in, even it was maybe once, at one funeral. However, obviously it's present some kind of struggle in author's mind about bus drivers. I love that old "The Sweet Hereafter", but in it everything is so clear and in here, no. Not bad, but there are a few disadvantages which make this movie to be not arranged properly.

Reviewed by js-66130 10 / 10 / 10


Used to be rabbit ears pulled in tv channels, now they are a coveted culinary delicacy. If nothing else, one always learns something from an Atom Egoyan film. Consistently fine thespian David Thewlis as a complicated health inspector, carries "Guest of Honour" with the calm assurance, refined decorum, and meticulous deduction of Sherlock Holmes. Yet it is he who is the mystery. And as wonderful a performance it is (he really does carry the movie), the convoluted and twisty plot proves too benign and lacking, to do justice to foreshadowed expectations. A forgettable and perplexing storyline involving his jailed daughter is awkwardly distracting at best, and out and out messy at worst. Slipping in a comedic Wilson brother (Luke) as a serious priest is admirable, but alas, serves to sabotage the dramatic flow. Too bad, as the movie does indeed look great, and Thewlis is excellent, a commanding screen presence, delivering a perfectly nuanced role lacking a worthy supporting cast, and more importantly, a superior written vehicle. hipCRANK

Reviewed by deborahpearson 10 / 10 / 10

What a fantastic lead performance!

All of the acting was superb but if the Academy Awards actually paid attention to independent films, David Thewlis would get a nomination. I knew he was a good actor but this performance is really outstanding. Also a very clever and surprising film all round. One of Egoyan's best.

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