Gun Hill


Action / Crime

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October 12, 2020


Aisha Hinds as Arlene Carter
Hisham Tawfiq as Captain Sanford
Larenz Tate as Bird Stevens / Trane Stevens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by niarby1 8 / 10 / 10

when one brother, a cop, is killed his brother, a crook, assumes his identity

I watched this because Lorenz Tate is in the starring role. No surprises on that score. He definitely delivers. And this riveting film kept me glued to my seat. The film's twist on the usual good guys vs bad guys fare drew me in so much that I kept anticipating each new scene. And there was plenty of action! In fact, the entire cast pulled the plot off extremely well and Tate shines in his dual role. This portrayal of two very different brothers is one of his best. The action is well paced and the script resonates in this believable story full of subtly delivered "what ifs". Viewers who like action and drama with a bit if mystery thrown in will love this.The surprise ending will leave you waiting for the sequel and hoping for a network drama.

Reviewed by CJXzoic1970 6 / 10 / 10

Decent film w/a few flaws

Ran into this on Netflix and not a bad lil flick to be a BET original Lorenz Tate put his foot into this and carried the film nicely keeping you on the edge of suspense with his con-man turned good guy character. Not that he was without serious flaws which made him more compelling. Was odd they started off with an unnecessary narration at the beginning which became an afterthought further in the film. Complete waste of time. The main villain the suspense worked up too nicely and then was a total letdown once revealed. Wanted to see a real bad ass represented and give Tate's character a challenge. None of the villains seemed worthy, like part time office jobs or something. His cop co-workers had more dynamics than the villains but their stories seemed incomplete. Also, okay, I realize it was made for TV but really was a full length film - so what the what was going on with the 'to be continued'?? I noticed they had left a sideline story out and when they finally brought it back up it revealed a confounding 'TBC' Really?? This film came out in 2011 - its 3 years later and nothing has been completed! Yo, that's foul!

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10 / 10

Pretty Decent

One one brother (a cop) dies, another brother (a con man) steps in to take his place. This is actually a really good film. The plot is clever, the acting is good. You might not expect much for a made-for-TV film, but it is every bit as good as what you would see in the theater. Also, being made for BET, you might think it caters to a specific audience. Not so. This is a film for anyone who likes crime stories. Seeing how the lead character weaves between the police department and the underground world of meth dealing in Queens is quite interesting, very well-written and executed. Hopefully with it being on Netflix, this will gain some traction and pick up some extra viewers and positive word of mouth.

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