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Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Doctor Wren
Mark Lewis Jones as Mr. Wynne
Maxine Peake as Fanny Lye
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grahamhart-55335 5 / 10 / 10


Dark and moody with great acting,but nothing much happens.

Reviewed by ops-52535 5 / 10 / 10

welsh snowdonian 19th century realism

Its a slow paced , icecold, windy, grey, black and heartwrenching story from the welsh countryside, with lots of sickness and death that digs into you as the plot developes. there are absolutely no fun in this flick, nor horror or thrills, just a dreary folktale about the men with power and the people without. what impresses me most is the beautiful and overwhelmingly made filmography, that tells the story as well as the actors do. its complete from start to end i cant find many flaws. so why do the grumpy old man give just a 6. the film does not thrill or entertain, and that is not the actors fault, its just the darkness of the story that doesnt appeal to me, even though its recommendable enough

Reviewed by ofumalow 5 / 10 / 10

Ultimately just rather dreary

(Minor spoilers) This beautifully shot film is much reminiscent in many ways of "The Witch" and the recent "Hagazussa," two movies I loved. But while atmospheric and interesting to a point, it finally falls well short, not so much because the horror elements turn out to be irrelevant window-dressing--though that doesn't help--but because there's just so little to the storytelling. The characters gain no complexity or depth past our first meeting them, the situation grows more bleak yet doesn't really develop much suspense or urgency. The revelation of the real villains here might have been effective if the film had worked in a thread of social commentary throughout, instead of misleading us with vaguely supernatural flimflam. Better to just make a straight-up Ken Loach-style miserabilist period piece than a halfhearted stab at a genre film that turns out not to really be anything of that nature at all. Strong on mood and visuals but weak on the kind of screenplay substance that is needed to sustain feature length, "Gwen" should have been a 20-minute short. While I actually LIKE "depressing" films, they can't just throw downbeat plot turns at us and expect a poignant impact that has to actually be earned in emotional terms. Failing that, this film ends up feeling like a dirge rather than the moving "folk ballad" it seems intended as.

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