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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tippy_Cup 2 / 10 / 10

Truly Awful.

I actually really dig the premise behind the movie. Lets say more tongue in check and exploratory of horror clichés then Scream, but not a full blown spoof like Scary Movie. Aesthetically the casting was really good. The jock, the slutty girl, the alt chick etc etc. But the acting, even though I'm sure the directing was half to blame, just let most of the scenes down. Had there been better chemistry between the actors, it could've worked a lot better. The characterisation also seemed as though it couldn't decide on how certain aspects of the characters were being represented. Actually the whole movie didn't know how to represent itself. I remember thinking 'is this a spoof?' a few times half way through, and honestly, I wasn't sure until the very end. Even though there were parts that were pretty obviously 'spoof like' they just came across as bad, or illogical. E.g. When you find out the nerd girl was bad, and you remember how she was acting at the start of the movie, and when she was by herself getting on the boat etc. Just illogical. For the movie to have been truly effective as a newly invented sub genre. The 'Suprise Spoof', lol. It really had to have been a GOOD horror movie for the first two thirds. Even if it was in a clichéd horror way, it just had to have been well shot, and well acted. But alas it just plain sucked. This movie doesn't even deserve a review this long, but there's two other things I want to mention. It canes me that Juliet Landau was cast in this cos that most probably means the guy that made it is a Buffy fan. As a Buffy fan I want to hurt him. Also the only reason I gave this two stars instead of one, which is fairly akin to giving one star as you can't give zero (which I figure is because it would mess up the combined ratings), was for the shining scene, because it wasn't expected and was overall a neat reference. 2/10 (reviewed after first viewing)

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 7 / 10 / 10

Not great by any means but at least it entertains

No it's not groundbreaking in any ways shape or form and yes the characters are all stereotypes and yes the acting is a bit dodgy and yes it's riddled with clichés. But, that's sort of the point, it's meant to be a spoof on the genre. Now I'm not saying it's a great film (or maybe even a good one) by any means but personally I think it's more entertaining than for instance the 'Scary Movie' films. At least this has a fairly coherent plot and does not rely solely on stealing scenes from other movies and putting a funny twist to them but deals more in terms with homages. It's a comedy first and horror second, and although some of the jokes are a bit on the cheap side (well most tbh) and don't always work overall it does fairly well at entertaining the 80 minutes it's on. With some decent kills as well as some overthetop twists, twists that had this been a serious movie one would have rolled their eyes over but as this is not it works at poking fun on the genre. Best bits are the scenes with William Forsythe as a good ol Scottish laddie, they are just a couple but they are pretty hilarious.

Reviewed by nikkijames 7 / 10 / 10

Take it for what it is-

Some of the reviews here make me laugh. Relax. You should go into this movie knowing what it is -- another teen/college slasher -- basically, this is a slasher movie about making a reality slasher movie, while your "stars" don't actually know they're the stars. Is it cliché? Oh yes. They pulled out every single horror movie shtick and cliché for this -- and ALL of those clichés are on purpose! You don't have to work hard to make those connections either. If you're a fan of splatter/slasher horror, this is actually quite entertaining. (better than some, too) If you're going into this as a serious horror film, that's your first mistake. it's not a monster classic, or anywhere near award winning... but it's fun! In all, the script is a little bit meh, dialogue is too, but the acting is good. Seriously, how do you not like a movie with Winnie Cooper in it? LOL. I admit, the real reason I watched this movie in the first place was because of Jay Kenneth Johnson's dimples, i love him. And, Sean Kanan is always great too. Turns out, as a fan of all the movies they reference (from jaws to Freddy to Rob Zombie to the Classics to Dario Argento), that only made me like this one more! So, the twists are a bit predictable - they *always* are with movies like this. The gore is fairly good and so are the death scenes, the only thing missing is Tony Todd.

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