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Anna Friel as Joanne Tait
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Stefanie Scott as Danielle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stasya-26517 1 / 10 / 10

I felt sorry for Pierce Brosnan

The worst film ever. I don't understand why Pierce Brosnan agreed to act in this film? The plot is "0". Extremely stupide story (a millionare has got nobody in the worls to help him and he's fighting personally with a freak), bad acting, even worse direction, dialogs wrritten by amators. I was irritated at the end.

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 9 / 10 / 10

A gripping techno-thriller

I.T. is a very well-acted and well-directed hi-tech thriller. The story line is not common and the overall movie is fast-paced. It's an obsession thriller, but not in the same style as most obsession flicks. I.T. is one of those already forgotten flicks and is very underrated. Judging by the title it's obvious that technology is the focal point. Even if you're not into technology - you will still probably like this movie. If you still haven't seen this film and love thrillers, I.T. is worth giving a chance.

Reviewed by Ffolkes-3 9 / 10 / 10

A well-executed thriller

I.T. is exactly what it aspires to be, and thank God for that! It's a properly executed contemporary thriller that keeps you on the edge of the seat. It consists of all the usual components: modern technology, fast paced action, solid acting, lovely women and good score. There's suspense, there's violence, it's beautifully shot and nicely edited. It also revolves around a major (conservative) theme of a family man who has to face danger in order to protect his beautiful family. Pierce Brosnan (whose Irish Dreamtime co-produced the film) stars in a role that one would rather expect for Harrison Ford ("Firewall") or Mel Gibson ("Edge of Darkness"). A man in his early 60s Brosnan doesn't lose any of his boyish charm but at the same time he is surprisingly convincing as both, successful businessman and furious family man taking revenge. The climax of the film (NO SPOILER) may seem a bit overdone but again, it only confirms that it's a traditionally crafted thriller. In short: if you know what to expect (and you should know!), you will enjoy it.

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