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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ketgup83 9 / 10 / 10

Barun Sobti And Sachin Khedekar Starrer Murder Mystery Should Not Missed At Any Cost

While we are still dealing with the actual reason behind the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Eros Now's Halahal exposes the harsh reality of the current situation with a strong message. "How far can would you go to seek justice for your loved one ? "Halahal (means poison) is struggle of a father (Sachin Khandelkar) who along with a corrupted-cop-with-a-gold-heart (Barun Sobti) finds the truth behind the murder of his eldest daughter who had something was about to reveal something big which might expose the drug racket involving big names including a politician, cops and even doctors from a leading medical institution. After a long time, it is heartening to see a murder mystery thriller that keeps on your toes right from the beginning till the end. The movie opens with an accident of medical student (or what it suppose to be) that spills a can of worms. Deceased medical student's father (Dr. Shiv) does not believe in the police report, who claims it to be a suicide. Dr. Shiv becomes suspicious and deep-dives into the case as he starts observing a foul-play in the post-mortem report showing incorrect blood group of his daughter. Enter Yusuf (Barun Sobti), a street-smart cop who goes all the way to loot money from anyone and everyone but has good intentions to help Dr. Shiv solve the case. At this point, Halahal becomes fun to watch as Barun Sobti steals the show with his cunning and witty dialogues. While the first half is extremely interesting, second half tends to confuse you as the mystery thriller finally reveals the kingpin who is behind everything. The climax of Halahal has a sad ending but it also exposes the harsh reality - Power and money can work wonders in the world and unfortunately we are watching it in real life through Sushant Singh Rajput's death case. Hats off to Randeep Jha who makes a solid debut with this crime drama that is an eye-opener. Right from the beginning , movie will keep you on your toes and is embedded with strong screenplay. Writing by Zeishan Quadri (who also played the character of Definite and even wrote the story of Gangs Of Wasseypur and Meeruthiya Gangsters) and Gibran Noorani (Meeruthiya Gangsters) is top notch coupled with soothing background score. Editing could have been better. Dialogues are quirky. Both Sachin Khedekar and Barun Sobti gives a knockout performance. Sachin Khedekar should be lauded for his brave acting while Barun Sobti is simply mind blowing. After Asur, Barun Sobti goes one step ahead this year with yet another brilliant acting and you wish you could see more of him in the film. Overall, Halahal is one such hair-raising film which is definitely difficult to digest as it gives you goosebumps with an eye-popping experience. Highly recommended 4/5 Halahal is currently streaming on Eros Now and is produced by A Friday To Friday Entertainers & Media Films.

Reviewed by followipk 10 / 10 / 10

No dull moment!!!

With so many movies steaming from different sources it's hard to keep track of good one's. AFTER A LONG LONG TIME I have seen a movie which has ALL the right checks. Story and writing is 10/10 but acting and screen play takes a cake. Burun Sobti was a real surprise and I was bowled by his powerful performance. No one can tell he is the same hero who can melt hearts in IPKKD with his mere looks and heated gazes:) Hope he gets good roles like these and people recognize his skills and versatility. Kudos to Barun!

Reviewed by shivanikapoor-59215 10 / 10 / 10

Must watch movie

I just can say this is really nice movie...acting of the whole cast was soo good....barun sobti did marvellous job..he did a totally different role and his role was too good....i can say in 97min they try to tell each aspect of corruption in medical college etc...so do watch this movie..

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