Hämnaren från mörkret


Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hortensias 2 / 10 / 10

To see Paul Meurisse as young actor

I agree with GodeonWay's post on this movie. I'd registered it because I wanted to see Paul Meurisse as young actor and I like to see rare movies on French TV and Pierre Renoir was in the movie too. I saw it yesterday night. Unfortunately, I am an animal-lover and was not prepared to see the treatment of the kitten in this movie in the middle of the film. SOS takes normally the cat in his arms and a few minutes later he got rid of the cat unceremoniously (on the floor). Just after, the kitten is playing with something on the floor and suddenly dies instantly. After that, SOS put the cat in a briefcase ! I was shocked and I thought the cat was only asleep. But GodeonWay's post deprives me of my illusions. Sadness.

Reviewed by GodeonWay / 10

Very dated French mystery...but with some nice location shots

Saw this on late-night French tv, with the notion that if it was programmed, it must be an overlooked gem from the post-war period. But a gem it definitely isn't. Basically it plays like a 1930s Hollywood b-movie in the madcap mystery vein. But a key positive part of those movies was that they were fast-paced and short. La Dame d'Onze Heures, though, is way too long, and suffers from many dull moments. A veteran cast performs adequately, but without the gusto that this type of film requires. Most of the players, including top-billed Paul Meurisse, are obviously walking through their roles. Also on the negative side is the tinny sound, which plagues many French pictures filmed before 1955 or so. And if you're an animal-lover, be warned that halfway through the story, the treatment of a kitten in this film is abominable. Must admit though, that getting nicely-photographed glimpses of post-war France was definitely a pleasure. But in truth, that's about all this picture has going for it.

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