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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10 / 10

Chaotic wuxia

HANDSOME SIBLINGS is a chaotic adaptation of a wuxia novel that was previously adapted by Shaw under the title THE PROUD TWINS. Andy Lau plays the offspring of criminal parents who heads off to a martial arts tournament and finds himself falling in love with femme fatale Brigitte Lin. It's a cheap and cheerful affair, lacking a single decent kung fu fight (despite former Venom Phillip Kwok supplying the choreography) but with plenty of outlandish effects and wirework battles that defy the laws of gravity. Eric Tsang is at the helm here and plays up comedy over realism, and as ever it's a delight to see the likes of Richard Ng, Francis Ng, Wong Yu and Shing Fui-On appear in supporting roles of varying size.

Reviewed by dworldeater / 10

So so swordsman movie

Handsome Siblings is a so so swordsman movie that had potential to be a pretty bad ass wuxia flick, but squashed it with too much comedy and too much goofing around. From a technical standpoint, the film looks good and it has great costumes and some crazy action sequences. Andy Lau and Brigette Lin are the stars of the film and are brother and sister who enter a martial arts tournament from rival clans, but end up falling in love instead. Francis Ng gives an impressive showing as the villain here and as such excels in kung fu treachery. Director Eric Tsang besides injecting tasteless humor and rape jokes did a decent job in directing this. This is by no means one of the finer films in the genre, but it at least is much better than the somewhat similar and much worse Andy Lau/Brigette Lin vehicle The Three Swordsman which I recommend to avoid.

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